As I do not have a selfie of “44 years old.” please instead enjoy this snap Sean sent me while I was away LOL

EMBRACING 44 –Let’s start with the fact that today is my birthday.  I woke up feeling like 44 feels much different than 43. It’s so much closer to 45, which seems like basically 50. But as with most things, I am (mostly) blessed with the ability to embrace change rather quickly. This morning I woke up and forced myself back to sleep thinking a crippling depression in my now old age may be fun. An hour later I woke up again and for about 5 minutes continued to wallow in the sorrow of being elderly before getting bored and up and at ’em, sneakers laced up, and back to working out after 2 weeks of slackery!


Screenshot 2018-03-19 at 5.59.54 PM

EMBRACING RUINED PLANS — Last week we had to cancel our yearly trip to Mexico for numerous reasons (drug cartels, ferry bombings, the US govt warning against travel to playa due to a ‘credible threat’), but the nail in the coffin was a blizzard canceling our flight 2 days in a row.  So in typical Colleen style, the day we ended up canceling due to the flight issues, I took an extra long mopey-sulky nap, woke up, and embraced it by taking control of the situation, canceling the trip and planning a new one!


While appreciating this photo, consider the time taken to ensure full bubble coverage.

EMBRACING THE TRASH WE ARE —  If going to Whole Foods and stocking up on wine, craft beer, cheese, crackers, & macarons and then spending a couple days mostly locked up in a steamy motel room eating, reading, and watching Law & Order and Modern Family reruns, while in a hot-tub full of bubbles and lush bombs appeals to you, have I got the place for you!! Our new trip was to a motel we have been to several times on Old Orchard Beach. It’s a clean, family-run place we love because it’s right on the beach, there is a jetted tub for two RIGHT IN THE ROOM by the bed, and in the winter they offer a buy-2-nights-and-get-one-free deal. It’s kinda trashy while trying to be classy and WE LOVE IT BECAUSE SO ARE WE!!! It’s called the Seacliff Motel and we highly recommend— unless you are Mr. or Mrs. Fancy-schmancy Pants.


On the drive down…….

Me: “OMG HONEY!!  On the way there, I want to stop at TJs and get some margarita glasses and we can make margaritas and I can take a super cute Instagram pic and be all, ‘Heyyyyy….. Margs on the beach, y’all'”

Him: “Ok. You want me to swim with one too?”

2 hours later…..  IMG_20180315_182339_160.jpg

A perfect illustration of my life…. Super cute big plans. Mediocre follow through, AND I EMBRACE THAT!


Why Yes, I do want to see other places, someday.

“You are going there AGAIN??”

“Don’t you want to see other places?”

“There are so many places in the world.  Why do you keep going to the same one?”

Why does it bother people so much when I mention that I am going to Mexico again?

It’s beautiful.  It’s cheap.  I love to snorkel more than just about anything, and the snorkeling is great there… and you don’t have to pay for an excursion to do it unless you want to. The people are friendly.  I get to pretend I sort of know a little bit of Spanish.  I don’t spend half my time lost because I know where to go and how to get there.  It’s cheap and we aren’t rich.  The food there makes me happy happy happy. Did I mention it’s cheap?  Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel are GREAT places for large groups of people because it’s so walkable/cab-able/bus/Collectivo-able that everyone can be together, yet still do their own things.  Bar-hop. Snorkel. Swim. Lay on a beach all day. Walk around and shop. Zipline. Go 4-wheeling. Cave diving. Dancing. Cenote exploring. Boating. Paddleboarding. Parasailing. Fishing……………….

And the only reason that really matters… WE LOVE IT THERE!!

Of course I want to see other places.  And this year, we have made a point to do so by going to Vegas and Dallas.  And there is a Europe plan in the works in the distant future as well. And sure, I would LOVE to go to Bora Bora, or the Maldives, or Hawaii, and someday I’m sure I will, but for now, let’s compare a week in Hawaii to a week in Playa Del Carmen in March (From Bangor on Expedia, sorted by lowest price)…



158 days………..