25 seconds


258bc473c24d6b3ecd537056956887b4The cutest little monkey is laying on a table in four point restraints, staring into the eyes of the person in a lab coat painting makeup onto it’s stomach to see if it hurts. That’s it. I’m out! I didn’t watch any further. Those 25 seconds were more than enough to inspire me to make a change. Makeup is a silly, frivolous hobby and guilty pleasure. I see NO reason for my fun to be at the expense of a creature who was unfortunate enough to be born in a lab, rather than the jungle where he belongs.

FORTUNATELY, I started to do a little research and learned that most of the stuff I use already IS cruelty-free! This drives the point home for me that animal testing is not necessary. It’s all already been done, and testing can now be done with lab-grown human tissue, computer simulations, and human volunteers.


My love…. Macadamia (always purchased at TJMaxx for cheepz!

I also have quite a bit of stuff that is not cruelty-free, but I am not going to run upstairs like a psycho and start throwing shit out the window or anything, but moving forward, I will not buy cosmetics that test on animals. Pretty Bummed about Benefit Cosmetics though. I am… well was… a BIG fan of several of their products.

I also may have opened a giant can of worms when I talked with Lonnie about all this and he says, “I think it’s all or nothing. We need to start choosing all our products with this in mind and really take a stand. Maybe even write to companies, like Tide, that we aren’t going to use anymore until they get their shit together.” Oh boy……

Here is a link to the video “Experimenting on Animals: Inside the Monkey Lab.” As I said, I only watched 25 seconds, so if you go any further than that and get traumatized, you’ve been warned!

And, you know, because I had the real camera out….

Fashionista …or no?

My daughter recently said, “Your style is totally boho.  You just haven’t embraced it.”

I have no idea what she is talking about, despite her sending me 42 Pins illustrating “boho” and “boho chic”style.  The next morning, I snapped her the pic above.

Me: “Is this Boho?”

Jessi: “Sorta, but not really, no.  It’s more hipster.”

Me:  “Well I am a hipster then.”

Jessi: “No. You’re not.”


Fall always gets me thinking about dressing fancier, better, lookin’ cute.  I love scarves and boots and sweaters and socks and layers. I love putting makeup on and not sweating it all off in 5 minutes. I love purses and bags that I can’t be bothered with carrying around in the summertime. I love orange and red and gold and brown.


So while I would like to “embrace my boho,” as instructed, and have some sort of fashion direction to help me navigate a world that is a bit unfamiliar to me, I am still not sure “Boho” is who I am.  But spending time playing with clothes and makeup and Pinterest has been a very welcome distraction from grad school and work!

On an only slightly related note… This morning I tried a sample of Urban Decay foundation that Jessi left behind when she moved and it may have been life changing.  Which sucks because that shit ain’t cheap…..