Day 30!

Luna looks on in the kitchen as the crazy lady takes a yoga selfie

I can’t believe that I am on day 30 and still going strong!  I guess since it’s been a month now, I should do a little run-down of changes that I have or have not noticed.

Things that have not changed….

  • I am still fat.  (I shouldn’t say things like that, I know…. positive self talk… blah blah blah….)
  • I still have a LOT of bags of clothes that are waiting for me to be smaller so that I can wear them.
  • I cannot run 3 miles without walking at all.
  • I still do not go to the gym or exercise as much as I would like to
  • I still love Justin Bieber
  • And One Direction.

Things that HAVE changed….

  • I have LESS fat on my body.
  • The button on my jeans is not standing on the ledge threatening to of jump from the pressure it’s under.
  • I can wear some of the clothes that I had not been wearing because they didn’t fit properply.
  • I can run/walk in 1 minute intervals easily for 15 minutes (and surely more than that, but that is all I have done so far)
  • I feel confident in the weight room at the gym, even when Lonnie is not there with me
  • I LOOK FORWARD to Sunday yoga
  • I don’t crave McDonald’s anymore. Or cheez its.  Or sour patch kids.
  • We have saved probably around $200-400 dollars this month because there is no more nightlt convenience store snack run.  When I think of the shitty food and wasted money…. I almost didn’t even want to type that one out because it’s embarrassing.
  • Much less alcohol is being consumed.  We used to have a tradition of finding new wines to pair with our dinner on Wednesdays, and on weekends would have a couple drinks in the evening.  BUT, even if I have one glass of alcohol, I feel like a zombie in the morning and have to drag my ass out of bed, and I don’t need excuses to not get up and going!!  ESPECIALLY on Sunday mornings because I want to feel good for yoga!
  • My skin is better, breakouts and blemishes are basically non-existent!
  • I never have “stomach issues” anymore or wake up feeling gross
  • There have also been some weird changes that may or may not be related….
    • I get up earlier every day
    • I make my bed every day
    • I have started to enjoy folding and putting away laundry and it doesn’t just live in baskets anymore

WOW that is a big list of reasons to never stop living this way, and right now I honestly don’t even want to stop!  I feel awesome, happy, energized, and confident!!  GO ME!!

Days 25, 26, AND 27

Maybe blog slacking means I need less motivational tools to keep going!
We managed to get our butts to the gym both days this weekend!   This morning was our Sunday morning yoga class and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
My main focus at the gym is liftng weights and I am loving that too!  I love feeling strong and powerful.   If we have time and I am feeling like it, I do some run/walking on the treadmill.   Instead of couch to 5k, I am alternating running and walking for 1 minute each and will build up from there.   I worked with a trainer last year and he wasn’t too crazy about the couch to 5k program and recommended this instead.

As far as the eating part goes, it’s going great!  Yesterday Lonnie  and I went on a mini road trip.  The plan for our last stop was the grocery, but by the time we got there, we had hit a wall, hard.  There was talk of having a cheat day aND just buying some snacks, but I couldn’t do it.   And I honestly considered it, but no “bad food” even sounded appetizing enough to derail how great it have been feeling.  So instead we went home and had some chicken.  ….and some rum.  Hey nobody said I was a saint 😉

Still going…..

Still plugging along.  Can’t say I am loving it.  And honestly, 3/4s of the time I don’t feel like I am accomplishing anything at all.  Ok maybe half the time.  It’s just happening soooo slowly and I don’t feel like I am seeing the results that I should be since I have NEVER gone over my points for the week.  Ever.

This is not to say I am working my butt off, because I am not.   I have not really been exercising very much.  Today I tried to jump back on the horse and took Luna for a nice longish walk.  Last week I challenged a friend to daily arm workouts, and I did it the day I initiated the challenge and that’s it.  LOL

Why don’t I exercise?  Well…  here’s my list of stupid excuses…. 

1. I am lazy.
2. It’s summer and I would rather go to the beach.
3.  It’s fucking hot and even more fucking humid and I hate that shit.
4.  Waiting for Lonnie to get home and then driving to the gym and working out and driving all the way home feels like it eats the entire afternoon away and then we are rushing to make dinner and stuff before….well…. before TV time and bed. (Holy crap that may be the dumbest excuse of all, but it IS what goes through my head)
5. I love classes at the gym, HOWEVER, I have a half-hour attention span and all the classes are an hour, so from minute 30-60 I want to shoot myself in the face…. which does not make me excited to go.

So there they are.  The reasons I choose not to exercise. I told you they were all stupid.

Fat Girl Yoga

I have taken yoga classes in the past.  In full disclosure I have also been pretty much kicked out of yoga classes in the past thanks to my BFF Nicole and my inability to take things seriously and not laugh our asses off at our yoga ineptness.

Last week I started taking a class at my gym called BodyFlow.   Here’s the “official” description…

“BODYFLOW™ is the Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance.”

But this class is different… and these days… so am I!

Oh I am still inept.  And grossly uncoordinated.  And I have NO BALANCE WHATSOEVER!  And I still get laughing about it.  But this class is in a dark room so my weeble-wobble self feels almost invisible.  AND it has loud ‘non-yogaish’ music, so my laughter is not as out-of-place or as disruptive 😉  Also there are some poses that I just flat out CAN’T DO because even though I have the flexibility and strength to do them, my fat belly gets in the way. And while that sucks…. I don’t get all bummed out about it because I am a work in progress!  And progress is happening!

I noticed a difference in myself the first time I took the class.  At the end of every yoga class there is quiet meditation time.  I used to DREAD THAT SHIT!  Like for real.  Actually sometimes I would even pretend that I had someplace to race off to after class so I “had” to  leave before quiet time started.  If I didn’t…. it sounded something like this in my head.  “WTF am I doing here?  OMG this is so stupid.  What is this music?  What should I have for lunch?  I could be driving home right now instead of this waste of time.  I wonder where that girl got that yoga mat?  Are we done yet?  Does everyone else have their eyes closed?…….”

But guess what!?  I can DO IT NOW!  I can RELAX and BREATHE!  I can even clear my mind for a little while (ok maybe like 10 seconds, but that is PROGRESS, PEOPLE!)  And today I actually LOOKED FORWARD to quiet meditation time!