Some snaps from the 21-day challenge that I just SLAYED AND TOOK NO PRISONERS!!!

On June 27th I went to the doctor because I was a sicky-sicky and concerned about possible Lyme disease.  Not only was the number on the scale was no bueno, but I also had high blood pressure, which has never been an issue for me (except when I was pregnant).  She suspected that the HBP was due to illness, but said, “Well when we make your appointment for your yearly physical, we will want to check that again and possibly need to start treating it.”  We all know what that means. Drugs.  No, thank you.

I had already been exercising, and trying (<–note the word trying) to eat right, but I left at appointment feeling the need to kick things into gear and get into shape.  Part of my daily motivation was the August 25th appointment for a physical.  I daydream about going in and having a much better scale number and a normal blood pressure.  I daydream about the doctor (who I have never met) saying something about my weight and being able to say, "Well, as you can see, I have lost weight since my last visit here.  I run 3 miles every other day, and I do strength and flexibility training on the other days, so I'm good!"

Today they called and rescheduled my appointment for freaking October!  A tiny part of me feels like I have lost that ‘immediate motivator.’  I was even counting on that appointment to keep me in check during our upcoming trip to Vegas and Dallas since it was 2 days after arriving home.  Just a tiny part though… I have plenty of motivators in my husband, and even moreso the way I FEEL!  I am full of energy and yesterday I suddenly noticed that I had to be more careful shaving my legs because of the definition in my calves LOL!!!! 

I wasn’t going to join this month’s challenge group because we are traveling so much and have a lot going on, but maybe I should.  I may need those daily reminders and motivators.

Day 34- The good the bad and the ugly

Thinking I will be back to daily this week because I feel like I am faltering a bit.  And while I KNOW
and can FEEL that this is PMS related—  It appears knowing is not actually half the battle when you still stuff a pizza into your gob anyway.

New gym pants from Lane Bryant

The good:

Olive Garden dressing— basically candy.

-On Friday I got up and went to the gym all on my own… all alone! And lifted weights like a beast!!
-Went to Olive Garden with Jessi yesterday, and while I did have some stuff I shouldn’t have, a few risotto rice balls, chicken gnocchi soup, and lots of salad (you know that dressing is terrible for you, right– it’ll full of sugar!!
), I passed on breadsticks, and I stuck to one small bowl of soup– and I didn’t finish it.

Oh yeah I had a berry Sangria too 😉  More sugar, but SO yummy!

-I got some AWESOME new gym pants from Lane Bryant. I usually only shop there for bras and undies, I have never really liked the way their clothes fit.  They were having a giant clearance and I tried them on and LOVE LOVE LOVE.  They are super flattering and stay in place when lifting and running.  WIN WIN WIN!

The bad:
-The two giant margaritas before the Brad Paisley concert.  (Please don’t assume from this that I am a country music loving redneck!!!),   I have no regrets though, as we had SO MUCH FUN out and about with our friends!

-Small pizza for dinner last night.  OMG it was so good, but I really should have made a better choice.  Pizza is probably what I miss the most when I am watching carbs and none of those supposed substitutes even come close, so I don’t even bother.  Pizza once a month or so is not going to kill me.   (Next month news headline: Woman Chokes and Dies on Pizza Crust)

-The gym probably isn’t happening at all this weekend as we are trying to super clean the house and get errands done because we leave for our trip on Friday!

The Ugly:
Bitch please.  There is no ugly here!


Day 30!

Luna looks on in the kitchen as the crazy lady takes a yoga selfie

I can’t believe that I am on day 30 and still going strong!  I guess since it’s been a month now, I should do a little run-down of changes that I have or have not noticed.

Things that have not changed….

  • I am still fat.  (I shouldn’t say things like that, I know…. positive self talk… blah blah blah….)
  • I still have a LOT of bags of clothes that are waiting for me to be smaller so that I can wear them.
  • I cannot run 3 miles without walking at all.
  • I still do not go to the gym or exercise as much as I would like to
  • I still love Justin Bieber
  • And One Direction.

Things that HAVE changed….

  • I have LESS fat on my body.
  • The button on my jeans is not standing on the ledge threatening to of jump from the pressure it’s under.
  • I can wear some of the clothes that I had not been wearing because they didn’t fit properply.
  • I can run/walk in 1 minute intervals easily for 15 minutes (and surely more than that, but that is all I have done so far)
  • I feel confident in the weight room at the gym, even when Lonnie is not there with me
  • I LOOK FORWARD to Sunday yoga
  • I don’t crave McDonald’s anymore. Or cheez its.  Or sour patch kids.
  • We have saved probably around $200-400 dollars this month because there is no more nightlt convenience store snack run.  When I think of the shitty food and wasted money…. I almost didn’t even want to type that one out because it’s embarrassing.
  • Much less alcohol is being consumed.  We used to have a tradition of finding new wines to pair with our dinner on Wednesdays, and on weekends would have a couple drinks in the evening.  BUT, even if I have one glass of alcohol, I feel like a zombie in the morning and have to drag my ass out of bed, and I don’t need excuses to not get up and going!!  ESPECIALLY on Sunday mornings because I want to feel good for yoga!
  • My skin is better, breakouts and blemishes are basically non-existent!
  • I never have “stomach issues” anymore or wake up feeling gross
  • There have also been some weird changes that may or may not be related….
    • I get up earlier every day
    • I make my bed every day
    • I have started to enjoy folding and putting away laundry and it doesn’t just live in baskets anymore

WOW that is a big list of reasons to never stop living this way, and right now I honestly don’t even want to stop!  I feel awesome, happy, energized, and confident!!  GO ME!!

Day 14- Two weeks of success!

Running at the gym… back to the beginning of Couch to 5k

What a great weekend! We actually got our asses to the gym BOTH days, and this morning got up early to get to Yoga by 9:15.  Yoga for fat people is just…. well… it’s something.  Fortunately, I am very bendy, so my frustration when the chub gets in the way gets cancelled out by my competitive nature, “HA!  Yeah I’m fat, but I can touch the floor with my forward fold so HA!”  I totally fell on my ass trying to do one legged balancing
pose because I have zero balance and it. was. HYSTERICAL!

We even went to the movies today and ate a healthy, late, protein-packed, breakfast Fritatta before leaving, passed on the moviesnacks and ordered our favorite grilled chicken salads to pick up on the way home.  I did “splurge” a little and did not pick out my croutons, but I DID skip the included pita bread that I usually use to scrape up every last bit of their magical basil vinaigrette dressing. 

Still pondering tomorrow’s gym plan.  I am HELLA SORE from squats and yoga… and probably the running too.  Thinking I need a day off.

Day 10- Gym again!

I actually made it to the gym today!   I was lifting heavy and feeling like a beast.
Aaaaaaaand then within 10 minutes of each other,  two beautiful young,  toned girls showed up.   And they meant business.   I mean the full on ‘this weighs 3 times what I do weight dropping on the floor with a giant crash each time’ business.
I totally let it get to me and all I wanted to do was finish up my set as fast as I could and get the fuck outta there.   UGH!    SO NOT COOL OF ME!  :::::sigh:::::%

Day 9- Doin’ fine

Not a lot to say today!  Still doing well.  Lonnie and Sean managed to hit the gym yesterday, but I was on-call, so I didn’t go.  I should have.  I could have easily walked on the treadmill or lifted weights and left if I got called in… actually since the gym is in Bangor, I am closer to wherever I get called to… lesson learned!

On another note I need to figure out how to fix the giant-ass banner of this blog.

Since this blog is just sitting here unused…. DAY ONE

…and I was trying to think of a way to journal through this new endeavor, why not use it!?

I’d like a little less belly and little less face please 🙂

Today I am starting yet another diet.   Screw all you “don’t diet, change your lifestyle people.”  That is totally just something you say when you don’t want to admit you are on a diet.  Also… dieting IS changing your lifestyle.  Currently my lifestyle is eating McDonald’s and chips and chex mix and well… whatever the hell I feel like eating when I am hungry, bored, tired, stressed, annoyed, upset, or see a commercial for something yummy.  My lifestyle is also mostly sitting and sleeping with brief, occasional spurts of exercise.

SO… “changing my lifestyle” means from today until I leave for Mexico on February 5th, I am going to live a different “lifestyle.”   I am going to use air-quotes a lot.  I am going to eat only meats and veggies, and some cheese.  I am not going to give up my full-of-artificial-sweetener daily morning iced coffee.  BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO!  I am going to hit the gym often and hard.  I am going to focus on weight lifting AND getting back up to running.  It may be unrealistic to think I will be able to live up to my daydream of getting up early to go for a jog through Cozumel before the cruise ships have debarked and everyone is still sleeping, but I can CERTAINLY go for a jog/walk…. and maybe even mostly a jog!

Tricky areas and plan of attack:

My job.

I work 12-14 hour shifts on Monday and Tuesday every week.  Then I work 8pm to 8am Thursday nights.  I use my job as an excuse to eat McDonald’s because I fucking LOVE their plain cheeseburgers and fries.  So good.  Judge away… I don’t care.  I realize that for most people McD’s is something they eat because they need to grab something and go.  I actually LOOK FORWARD to Mondays and Tuesdays because I know I get to have McDonald’s if I get called out.

Night shifts are an issue as well.  Sometimes I just get to sleep and they don’t disrupt life at all.  Sometimes I am out all night and I never know what to eat or not eat.  Part of me feels like I shouldn’t eat anything because I normally wouldn’t if I was sleeping, but the other part of me gets HAAAAANGRY!!  And also when I get home and go to sleep, I have trouble sleeping long enough if I am hungry.


  • BREAKFAST- I will eat SOMETHING before I head out the door in the morning
  • If I can go to McDonalds, I can ALSO go to the grocery store and grab things that aren’t McDonald’s.  I can’t even think of a McDonald’s that isn’t within a mile of a grocery store.
  • I will try to pack stuff.  This one is kind of a pipe dream.  I suck at this and because of the way my job is, it’s hard to even know what to pack.  Sometimes I am on the road all day.  Sometimes I am in hospitals.  Sometimes I am home.  Usually it’s a mix of all of them.  

And…. as I type this…. I get paged….  


I am so proud of myself!!  I am freaking killing it!  I even had a “planned cheat day” and when I looked back at my calories for the week, I was still under my weekly calorie budget.

Stuff I have done to kill it…

  • Went way out of my comfort zone and ordered swordfish with cucumber lime salsa when I went out to dinner with the girls Friday night.  I have always been all “I have to eat bad food in order to have fun out at dinner” in the past.  Guess what!?  I STILL had fun, AND I tried a new food and it was BEYOND delicious!!!
  • I have exercised almost every day and yesterday got back to lifting with Lonnie.  I am so sore today and I love that feeling.
  • I read this AWESOME blog post on My Fitness Pal called “Why you should stop “working out” and start training” and it really resonated with me.  I am now officially IN TRAINING for my 5k in August!!
  • As part of my training I st

    arted running again using a 5k program on my phone. (I use the runmeter app)   YAY FOR RUNNING!!

  • I have used My Fitness Pal app EVERY DAY!
  • I have made myself delicious and PRETTY food and have enjoyed every bite and sip!!