Lazy weekend

I worked overnight Thursday and Friday, and even though I was able to get plenty of sleep, I still used it as an excuse to eat ALL THE CARBS and accomplish nothing all weekend long ūüėČ ¬†And I am good with that!

I just looked at the weather and it looks like this is the week I will finally get back outside and work my way back into running. ¬†I got me some AWESOME Newton’s fer cheap at Marden’s over the winter and they are ready to hit the pavement! I have such illusions of it being fun and great to be back out running, but I know that it won’t be. ¬†I will probably hate every second of it… until the last second when I feel GREAT that I DID IT!

Mind Blown

Last week I¬†heard a Dr. Laura call from a woman who was unable to make decisions or choices.¬† After much discussion it was established that “So you lost your childhood and now you are trying to get it back every day by not making decisions and forcing other’s to make decisions for you.¬† ‘Child’ you didn’t feel protected and cared for, and ‘adult’ you is making up for it by forcing others¬†to care for you…. make decisions for you, basically treat you like¬†the child that you never got to be.”¬† My mind was 3/4s blown, with parallels still running through my mind almost a week later.

The FULL BLOW came while Lonnie and I were shopping at BJs (haha!).¬† I noticed the iced tea drink mix stuff and confessed to Lonnie that as a kid I used to sneak into the kitchen put some of the powder in a cup, make a paste out of it with water, and take it back up to my room and slowly savor revel in¬†the joy of¬†every little spoonful.¬† My mouth is actually watering as I type this.¬† Of course he was disgusted by this confectionary confession, and while laughing and trying to convince him of it’s deliciousness, I said, “NO!!!¬† It’s REALLY GOOD!¬† It tastes just like Lemonheads or Sour Patch Kids!!!¬† With the sour and the grainy sugary-ness…..”¬†

I stopped dead in the aisle, ¬†stunned at what I had just said.¬† Lonnie noticed within a few steps and turned around to see me standing there with my fully-blown mind and quizzically looked at me.¬† “OH. MY.¬†GOD.¬† IT TASTES JUST LIKE SOUR PATCH KIDS!!!!”

I eat a LOT of Sour Patch Kids.¬† Like, a LOT.¬† I have them 6 of 7 days a week, sometimes the full 7, maybe sometimes 9.¬†¬†My favorite part of the day is laying on the couch snuggled up on Lonnie, digging through my bag of Sour Patch Kids to avoid the blue ones (yuck).¬† I always eat 2 at a time and certain color combos taste better than others. Green ONLY goes with other green or yellow!¬† ūüėČ

This happened on Friday and I haven’t had any Sour Patch Kids since.¬† When I think about going to get some (just out of habit), my stomach votes ‘no’ and now my mind goes right to, “Well what is making you want those right now???”

This is by NO MEANS a declarative ‘I AM NEVER EATING SOUR PATCH KIDS AGAIN’ blog post.¬† That’s just crazy talk.¬† What this IS, is a ‘WHOA!¬† I AM DOING A DUMB THING FOR A DUMB, BUT UNDERSTANDABLE REASON!!!’ blog post.¬†¬†