Day 30!

Luna looks on in the kitchen as the crazy lady takes a yoga selfie

I can’t believe that I am on day 30 and still going strong!  I guess since it’s been a month now, I should do a little run-down of changes that I have or have not noticed.

Things that have not changed….

  • I am still fat.  (I shouldn’t say things like that, I know…. positive self talk… blah blah blah….)
  • I still have a LOT of bags of clothes that are waiting for me to be smaller so that I can wear them.
  • I cannot run 3 miles without walking at all.
  • I still do not go to the gym or exercise as much as I would like to
  • I still love Justin Bieber
  • And One Direction.

Things that HAVE changed….

  • I have LESS fat on my body.
  • The button on my jeans is not standing on the ledge threatening to of jump from the pressure it’s under.
  • I can wear some of the clothes that I had not been wearing because they didn’t fit properply.
  • I can run/walk in 1 minute intervals easily for 15 minutes (and surely more than that, but that is all I have done so far)
  • I feel confident in the weight room at the gym, even when Lonnie is not there with me
  • I LOOK FORWARD to Sunday yoga
  • I don’t crave McDonald’s anymore. Or cheez its.  Or sour patch kids.
  • We have saved probably around $200-400 dollars this month because there is no more nightlt convenience store snack run.  When I think of the shitty food and wasted money…. I almost didn’t even want to type that one out because it’s embarrassing.
  • Much less alcohol is being consumed.  We used to have a tradition of finding new wines to pair with our dinner on Wednesdays, and on weekends would have a couple drinks in the evening.  BUT, even if I have one glass of alcohol, I feel like a zombie in the morning and have to drag my ass out of bed, and I don’t need excuses to not get up and going!!  ESPECIALLY on Sunday mornings because I want to feel good for yoga!
  • My skin is better, breakouts and blemishes are basically non-existent!
  • I never have “stomach issues” anymore or wake up feeling gross
  • There have also been some weird changes that may or may not be related….
    • I get up earlier every day
    • I make my bed every day
    • I have started to enjoy folding and putting away laundry and it doesn’t just live in baskets anymore

WOW that is a big list of reasons to never stop living this way, and right now I honestly don’t even want to stop!  I feel awesome, happy, energized, and confident!!  GO ME!!

Days 28 and 29

Need to stop this day counting thing soon, it’s confusing as hell!

NO time yesterday to blog or take my weekly ‘useless-does-not-illustrate-anything-at-all iced coffee selfie’ 😉  I actually got called in to work before I even got out of bed!!  I DID manage to hork down leftover chicken with guac from Sunday nights dinner though, so was able to start a crazy day off right!  It felt good to make myself a priority and not just throw everything out the window and eat shitty food because I am overwhelmed and busy.

I was on the road all day, and did not have time or inclination to pack a lunch, so when I finally had a second to breath, I ran into a grocery store deep in the woods of Greenville, Maine, picked up a cheese stick, a bag of macadamia nuts (YUM!!!  Hadn’t had those in FOREVER!!!), and a yellow pepper and munched my way back to civilization.  Again…. feeling AWESOME that I am not using the hectic-ness of my job as an excuse to derail.  I even stopped at McDonald’s for a sugar-free iced coffee, and didn’t even think about my once-coveted “#2-cheesburgers plain!”

Day 22- Again with the effing snacks

Last night while in bed watching umpteen episodes of ‘Shameless’ (DAMN YOU SHOWTIME FREE PREVIEW WEEKEND…. sucking me in and FORCING me to subscribe!), I frigged around on Pinterest looking for some low-carb snack ideas.  What did I learn?  Low carb snacks are just all stupid and boring. 

-Have a handful of nuts (YEAH!!  THAT would be SO satisfying!)
-Make this 18 ingredient dessert or bread made up of bizzare chemicals. (GREAT IDEA!!  Eating healthy should ALWAYS involve filling your body with lab created “food.”)
-There is a bizarre obsession with these things called “FAT BOMBS.” The name is disgusting.  As is the premise.  It just seems SO necessary!  Like eating something just to…. eat something?

 So basically my search was a waste of time.  I have no idea what “normal” people that don’t eat sugar snack on.  Fruit I guess.  Dumb.

Also I read an article lately extolling the evils of artificial sweetener.  Which I have already known forever, but right now just seems like the last fucking thing I want to hear.  Now I feel like an asshole when I drink my beloved morning coffee (because I use 2 squirts of Torani sugar free syrup).  And then I feel like an asshole again when I have a diet caffeine free soda later on.  I DO NOT LIKE TO DRINK PLAIN WATER.  My daughter has been doing this lately….

She claims it is delicious, but it seems like a lot of work and a lot of wasted fruit to me. 

WOW, am I bitchy today or WHAT!?


Sometimes you just need a GODDAMN SNACK that ISN’T rendered pepperoni chips from the microwave.

I talked about my standby sweet treat a few blogs ago…

I still need to figure out how to deal with my salty, crunchy snack needs.  New goal for the weekend…..  Pinterest up some low carb snack ideas. 

One thing I KNOW I like is cheese “crackers.”  BUT…. cheese is fucking expensive and you get SO little cracker out of so much cheese!! (….not to mention all the oil that drains off it all is kinda gross but I digress)

Here is a recipe, This chick bakes them in the oven, but as you should know by now….
I just make a big on in a small frying pan on the stove and break it up into little pieces.

Day 2 —Yay!!

Another successful day under my soon-to-be-shrinking belt!  Jessi is on board with me and that is so awesome to have everyone in the family ON IT and eating right and exercising!  I haven’t struggled much at all yet or been tempted.  Last night I had a little bag of cheez-its and focused on eating ONE AT A TIME as to my former 2-4 at a time, and really just enjoying each one and making my snack last.  It worked like a charm!