Today as I slid on my jeans for work…  I was actually planning on probably having to slide them back off again because they were too tight.   NOPE!  If anything,  they were looser!  As planned,  while in Mexico,  I ate and drank everything I wanted to.  Fortunately,  that is a LOT of great fresh Mexican food!  I never really eat junk food in Mexico because it’s all just weird stuff.   Even if I am feeling snacky,  and go into a corner store,  I almost always come out empty handed because 1. I don’t know what anything is and 2. None of it looks appetizing to me. 
My downfall was traveling home.  I am VERY CAREFUL about what I eat around plane trips for fear of a repeat of the puking incident,  but once we got back in Boston …and ended up stranded there for 2 days (thank you American Airlines for losing the one bag with our car keys in it).  I must admit,  all bets were off. A combo of emotions and “let’s eat all the bad stuff before getting back on it Monday, ” led to a weekend of debauchery. 
  • There was Pirate’s Booty
  • There was a mini Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough cup
  • There were cheez its
  • There was chinese take-out
  • There was Carrabas bread and lobster ravioli (with the insides squished out because it was nasty)
  • There were egg Mcmuffins
  • And last night when we got home…  I had a “last meal” of pancakes.

My only saving grace was that it was all vending machine food,  so all small bags 😉
Back to it today.   Fought a lot of urges to make cupcakes and eat bad food because I have a nasty cold and feel like shit.   But I didn’t.  I made  delicious salad (I actually missed salad and craved it in Mexico!),  and Lonnie made a wonderful Pezole soup that was JUST what the doctor ordered for my cold.
I did have an egg Mcmuffin for breakfast because I overslept and then had to rush off to work.   But there are certainly worse things,  and I didn’t let it make me think the whole day was ruined.

Day 34- The good the bad and the ugly

Thinking I will be back to daily this week because I feel like I am faltering a bit.  And while I KNOW
and can FEEL that this is PMS related—  It appears knowing is not actually half the battle when you still stuff a pizza into your gob anyway.

New gym pants from Lane Bryant

The good:

Olive Garden dressing— basically candy.

-On Friday I got up and went to the gym all on my own… all alone! And lifted weights like a beast!!
-Went to Olive Garden with Jessi yesterday, and while I did have some stuff I shouldn’t have, a few risotto rice balls, chicken gnocchi soup, and lots of salad (you know that dressing is terrible for you, right– it’ll full of sugar!!
), I passed on breadsticks, and I stuck to one small bowl of soup– and I didn’t finish it.

Oh yeah I had a berry Sangria too 😉  More sugar, but SO yummy!

-I got some AWESOME new gym pants from Lane Bryant. I usually only shop there for bras and undies, I have never really liked the way their clothes fit.  They were having a giant clearance and I tried them on and LOVE LOVE LOVE.  They are super flattering and stay in place when lifting and running.  WIN WIN WIN!

The bad:
-The two giant margaritas before the Brad Paisley concert.  (Please don’t assume from this that I am a country music loving redneck!!!),   I have no regrets though, as we had SO MUCH FUN out and about with our friends!

-Small pizza for dinner last night.  OMG it was so good, but I really should have made a better choice.  Pizza is probably what I miss the most when I am watching carbs and none of those supposed substitutes even come close, so I don’t even bother.  Pizza once a month or so is not going to kill me.   (Next month news headline: Woman Chokes and Dies on Pizza Crust)

-The gym probably isn’t happening at all this weekend as we are trying to super clean the house and get errands done because we leave for our trip on Friday!

The Ugly:
Bitch please.  There is no ugly here!


Day 15 and 16

15 steps foward and 1 step back is still 14 steps forward!

I planned like a fiend for my possibly busy Monday.  I made a chopped salad and brought it with me to the office to eat before or between clients.

I did NOT plan for finishing up with a client that took 4 hours, and then being sent in a ‘no-time-to-sit-and-eat-your-salad’ rush to meet with a bunch more clients at a hospital an hour away.

So I left my salad in the fridge for today.   And I got Mcdonald’s.  I could easily have made a better choice by picking up some nuts and fruit or veggies at the store and munching those in the car on the way to Dover.  I could have even still made a reasonable choice at McDonald’s and kept the carbs low by getting an Egg Mcmuffins and not eating the muffin part, but I didn’t do that either.  I got my favorite #2 with the cheesburgers plain.  And it was delicious!  HOWEVER…. I then let it open the floodgates because once at the hospital, one of the doctors had brought in some hot homemade bread and I was all….”well….. I mean I already had Mcdonalds today…….” and had 3 slices, with butter of course 😉

(cough cough and I had a Ghirardelli chocolate caramel square. cough cough)

I woke up this morning feeling gassy and blech.  I am glad I recognized feeling not as good as I have the past few weeks because of food and I am trying to really focus on that and not on how delicious that bread and Mcds was— the chocolate, I honestly didn’t even really enjoy.  I hopped right back onto the wagon this morning and my beautiful salad was patiently waiting for me 🙂

BTW…. I am watching the Biggest Loser and today they are being forced to eat “bad foods” like fettucine alfredo, mac and cheese, nachos, pizza…. You know, all the stuff that made them fat.  And I find it hysterical that they are ALL acting like it doesn’t even taste good and it’s sooooooo disgusting.  That is PURE UTTER BULLSHIT!!  You know they fucking loved every damn bite.  It’s only week 2 for cryin’ out loud, they haven’t ‘lost the taste for junk’ ….honestly I am not sure you EVER lose the taste for fettucine alfredo.  It’s freaking SCIENCE to love that shit!

Day 4 –Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Got some inspiration from a friend and co-worker today.  She was on a strict low-carb diet (Not what I do, I eat all whole foods.) for 8 months until just recently when she wasn’t feeling well and could only stomach crackers.  She laughed and said that she also used it as an excuse to completely fall off the wagon for the past 2 weeks.  My kind of people!  😉  We talked about how much better we feel when watching the carbs and in trying to talk her back into it, got me all fired up about it too!

I know it’s only day 4, but today, on day 4, I am wearing jeans that were a tad on the painful side a couple weeks ago.  Jeans that I could wear to work, but that I could not WAIT to strip off the second I got home.  I have been wearing them all day today 🙂


Got up late and didn’t have time to eat before rushing out to my weekly staff meeting.  Got a sugar-free iced coffee at McDonald’s.  This was a bad choice because a. We all know Mcdonald’s is a trigger for me b. I was hungry! c. I love me some egg mcmuffins!  d. When I have McD’s iced coffee with nothing else,  I get a little sick to my stomach.   So I sucked down my coffee during my staff meeting and lived with a tummy-ache and yucky taste in my mouth until after my meeting when I pulled into Irving on 2 wheels to get a fountain soda. 

I can feel that I am going to need to start branching out from my steaks and salads soon.  I love love love them, but I don’t want to get bored with this.

What have we learned today?

What else is helping me to stay on track?  
VACATION PLANNING, including looking at new swimsuits and summer dresses for the trip at https://www.swimsuitsforall.com  I am LOVING this site and

wish I found it ages ago… adorable, sexy fat chick bathsuits, YES PLEASE!!

Day 2 – The headache has arrived!

Breakfast: Green Beans, chicken, little bits of bacon. YES PLEASE

I woke up this morning with a rager of a headache.  I know this headache well…. it’s my body screaming, “WHERE THE FUCK IS ALL MY SUGAR!!!!!!??????  I LOVE THAT SHIT!!!!  GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!”  I ALSO woke up this morning feeling physically ’empty’ and flatter.  Losing water and bloat, I assume.  I LOVE this feeling.  It feels like success and that screams MUCH louder than the headache!

Day 1 was a resounding success!!  I worked a 14 hour shift and felt the pangs of temptation a few times.  It was a looooong, annoying day, as I was assigned to a task that I do not enjoy because the usual person who does it and likes is it on vacation.  The worst part of the day was lunchtime.  It was FREEZING and blustery yesterday, and I dreaded the thought of getting out of the car to go into the grocery store salad bar.  I longed to stay in my warm, cozy car drive through my favorite McDonald’s and nosh on a yummy “Number 2 with the cheeseburgers plain and a diet coke.”  But I didn’t!  I braved the cold, got my salad, and it was delicious!  I think it helped that I had a filling. hearty breakfast, so I wasn’t ready to eat my arm off when I was able to break for lunch (We don’t have set ‘lunch breaks.’  We take it when we can get it).

Oddly enough I am listening to Dr Laura right now and someone has called because she is 100lbs overweight and wants to be able to lose weight to manage her diabetes and have a baby.  She talked about her cravings and her battle/struggle with weight loss and Dr Laura finally stopped her and said;
“For you, feeling good in the moment takes priority.  It’s a choice.”  Story. of. my. life.  And not even with just food.  I do what I want, when I want.  If I don’t feel like doing something, I don’t do it. (Well except for at work, of course! I love my job and I work with high caliber people who are awesome at their jobs and that shit is contagious!)

She then had the lady take out a chocolate bar and break off a piece and say out loud;
“I can choose you.  Or I can choose to lose 100 pounds.  I choose you.”  then she had her eat the chocolate.  She went through this several times.

I am SO going to do this! 

Today’s challenges:

  • We are midst snowstorm.  Fortunately I knew it was coming and shopped yesterday to prepare, but there is something about being snowed in that makes you want treats.  I’ll be fine though.  I’m still early enough in the diet that it’s still exciting and new and I love eating the stuff!
  • I’m covering the overnight shift tonight for the vacationing co-worker.  Still not sure how I am going to handle overnight shifts.  I guess if I get called out, I will bring a snack?
  • I had gym plans today… but not sure that will happen in the storm. SO… if I don’t go to the gym there is NO reason that that I can’t exercise here at home.  None!


I am so proud of myself!!  I am freaking killing it!  I even had a “planned cheat day” and when I looked back at my calories for the week, I was still under my weekly calorie budget.

Stuff I have done to kill it…

  • Went way out of my comfort zone and ordered swordfish with cucumber lime salsa when I went out to dinner with the girls Friday night.  I have always been all “I have to eat bad food in order to have fun out at dinner” in the past.  Guess what!?  I STILL had fun, AND I tried a new food and it was BEYOND delicious!!!
  • I have exercised almost every day and yesterday got back to lifting with Lonnie.  I am so sore today and I love that feeling.
  • I read this AWESOME blog post on My Fitness Pal called “Why you should stop “working out” and start training” and it really resonated with me.  I am now officially IN TRAINING for my 5k in August!!
  • As part of my training I st

    arted running again using a 5k program on my phone. (I use the runmeter app)   YAY FOR RUNNING!!

  • I have used My Fitness Pal app EVERY DAY!
  • I have made myself delicious and PRETTY food and have enjoyed every bite and sip!!