Travel Journal: Playa del Carmen. Again :)

moments_c9562aa5-a84b-4204-aa26-718e14e2005d_orig_res.jpgwp-1490135081982.jpgwp-1490135022225.jpgwp-1490135061720.jpgOK, So SOME stuff that happened in Mexico will stay in Mexico…… BUT….

This most recent trip to Playa had it all! Dancing, swimming, sunshine, sea turtles, tequila, shopping, parasailing, eating…… We had an eclectic group of people who mostly didn’t know each other and had a wide array of interests, but it worked!  Only in a place like Playa where you can walk, ferry or cab, to basically anything you could every want to do would this work so well. Everyone pretty much did their thing, and all came together from time-to-time to do stuff. No pressure. No drama. Lonnie pointed out that he was the mom of the trip, and I was the “cool dad.” So basically just like home 😉

Of course, with all that fun, we had to have a some not-fun. That part came Monday night when all the flight cancellations started rolling in to everyone’s phones and we learned that we would not be leaving Tuesday morning as planned, and not Wednesday either. and MAYBE Thursday. And we would be homeless. And also broke since we just lived it up on vacation 😉 So we had to find a cheap place to stay for a couple days.  It was…um…. interesting?  You can read my review if you want to on Tripadvisor   OK, but be ready for some challenges  I will say, the “Talking Spanish Translator App” was AMAZING and hugely helpful. I can usually get by pretty well with my very limited Spanish, but when I’m are trying to ask, “How will we get our $100 deposit back at 330am tomorrow when we leave since there is never anyone at the front desk?” I need to make extra sure nothing is lost in translation 😉

I am HUGELY BIGLY proud of my husband and kids though, and myself! We made the best of our unexpected extra days without lots of cash to throw around. Everyone stayed as positive as possible, and the last day, we actually had an awesome day of a little Mexican food, one last stop at our fav French Patisserie, and a little sunset photo shoot on the beach! A PERFECT way to end our trip and prepare for the grueling 3am-midnight day of travel ahead……..

Why Yes, I do want to see other places, someday.

“You are going there AGAIN??”

“Don’t you want to see other places?”

“There are so many places in the world.  Why do you keep going to the same one?”

Why does it bother people so much when I mention that I am going to Mexico again?

It’s beautiful.  It’s cheap.  I love to snorkel more than just about anything, and the snorkeling is great there… and you don’t have to pay for an excursion to do it unless you want to. The people are friendly.  I get to pretend I sort of know a little bit of Spanish.  I don’t spend half my time lost because I know where to go and how to get there.  It’s cheap and we aren’t rich.  The food there makes me happy happy happy. Did I mention it’s cheap?  Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel are GREAT places for large groups of people because it’s so walkable/cab-able/bus/Collectivo-able that everyone can be together, yet still do their own things.  Bar-hop. Snorkel. Swim. Lay on a beach all day. Walk around and shop. Zipline. Go 4-wheeling. Cave diving. Dancing. Cenote exploring. Boating. Paddleboarding. Parasailing. Fishing……………….

And the only reason that really matters… WE LOVE IT THERE!!

Of course I want to see other places.  And this year, we have made a point to do so by going to Vegas and Dallas.  And there is a Europe plan in the works in the distant future as well. And sure, I would LOVE to go to Bora Bora, or the Maldives, or Hawaii, and someday I’m sure I will, but for now, let’s compare a week in Hawaii to a week in Playa Del Carmen in March (From Bangor on Expedia, sorted by lowest price)…



158 days………..

Happy New Year!

When I wasn’t working and doing fun stuff, I spent a good part of 2015 going back and forth about grad school.  I even applied to a couple.  But ultimately decided that I just don’t feel right adding to my already enormously high student loan mountain of debt.  …that is already growing since I am helping Jessi pay for college…. and interest of course.  I would love to get my Master’s.  I LOVE school and I would also love to be more marketable once we starting planning our move from Maine, and I have the time for it with the job I have now.  So if I could just win the lottery……    I have few regrets in life as everything I have lived through has made me the bucket of awesomesauce that I am today,  but I definitely regret spending all that money and time going to Husson University to get my teaching credentials.  I could have my graduate degree, and instead I have nothing since I didn’t finish the program by doing student teaching.  (THAT I do not regret, as I now know that teaching is NOT my calling!)

I have also spent a good part of the year eliminating things, and people, from my life–and my Facebook that cause me drama and discord.  I am instituting Flylady’s general philosophy of ‘If you look at it and it doesn’t make you smile, you don’t need it in your life.’  Perhaps in 2016 I can institute the actual housecleaning part of the Flyolady philosophy  LOL…. WHO ARE WE KIDDING!!??

So now…. I present to you (and future me)…..

My favorite moments in 2015!!!
BTW- You KNOW you are living your best life when you give up on narrowing down the moments to one per month!  🙂

February- We built an awesome new kitchen isalnd!
March- family trip to Mexico!
Lonnie gets some new wheels!  The first vehicle he has ever owned that he doesn’t have to worry, “Will I make it there?”

We got a pasta maker for Christmas and made a LOT of ramen in 2015.  YUMMMMMM
Ed Sheeran concert… that we enjoyed for FREE on a hill outside the venue!

A very chilly Train concert

LOTS of summer swimming

The Popham Beach camping trip that turned into a Portland, Maine hotel weekend 😉

I Kayaked for the first time!!  AND LOVED IT!  I also crocheted for the first time… that did not go quite as well 😉
LOTS OF ROAD TRIPS!!!  Aquaboggin…. Bar Harbor…. Boston…. Portland….

Jessi got her license AND bought herself a car!!

We never give up trying to get fit!  We also never really suceed… but we keep on trying!

Lonnie became a PAELLA MASTER!!

Mom came up and rented a cottage on the coast


Family trip to Beantown

SPORTS!!  Hockey and football games…. LOVE LOVE LOVE

NEW KITTEN!!  Gandolf aka Will Feral

Food and Spirits festival
Turkey Day!! …followed by the BEST BLACK FRIDAY EVER!!

A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS SEASON (And no, most of those projects never happened lol)

Looking forward to LOTS MORE ADVENTURES in 2016!!

The Mermaid Who Couldn’t Swim

Craig’s Pond 7/12/15
It’s no secret that I am counting the days until I from from Maine.  But sometimes… in the summer, and especially in the fall, I pre-maturely wax nostalgic about this place and it’s beauty.   Especially now that I have a partner who loves to be out-and-about with me ad
venturing and stuff!

Peaks Kenny 7/11/15

Something you may not know….. I am a mermaid.  I could swim all day long, every day, and then go swim some more.  If the Ursula the Sea Witch offered Arielle and I a chance to swap lives,  I’m not sure I could refuse.  What’s odd about my being a mermaid, is that while I am completely comfortable, and a strong swimmer even in the deepest of ocean, lake or pool waters, I am not good at it.  When I go to the pool to swim laps, I spend a LOT of time staring at the other lap swimmers with their perfect rhythmic breathing and steady pace and I have no id

Playa Del Carmen March 2015

ea how to do this, despite a lifetime of trying.  I mentioned this to Lonnie last week and he exclaimed, “ME TOO!  I have always wanted to be able to swim like that and maybe even do a triathlon or something!”

The Y offers some ‘competitive swimming’ classes and even personal lessons, so we are going to sign up.  I am uncomfortable with this plan and feel silly, and to me that makes it EVEN MORE important that we do this!!

I’m not sure if this is an “old dog, new tricks” thing, or what?  Let’s see if this old bitch can learn to swim with the big dogs!

Winter is stupid.

While the view from my window today is still bleak, Spring is definitely knocking on the door!

Holy crap, I haven’t been a very regular blogger!  Hate that!

I am going to take the chicken-shit way out here and blame my blog-slacking on my “WINTER BLUES.”  I wouldn’t say I have seasonal-affective disorder, but I would say I am about as close to saying that as I can be.

Wintertime is tough.  I spend a LOT of time (which also seems to always translate to a lot of money) trying to find ways to cheer myself up and feel like there is reason to jump out of my warm, cozy bed into my frigid apartment every morning.  This years ‘cheeruppers’ included a personal trainer, a fishtank, talk of another puppy (not happening), lots of indoor building projects, and not one, but TWO trips to Mexico.  ….and quite a few extra work

shifts picked up to afford them all 😉

I am very grateful for a partner who is so supportive and more-than-willing to join me in any and all of my little “ideas.”   Although… it is a household joke that his least favorite sentence in the world is, “Honey…. I saw this thing on Pinterest today……….”

Another of my cheeruppers is daydreaming/researching/talking about where Lonnie and I will live once Sean is up and out on his own.  Right now our short list includes Austin, Nashville, Coastal South Carolina, and California (ok MY short list includes CA, Lonnie isn’t on that page with me, YET).  We have also tossed around Colorado quite a bit, but I hate the idea of being so far from any coasts!  (Nashville doesn’t have any either… but I have family there and I know I enjoy that city very much!)

I have noticed that as time passes, and the prospect of moving becomes more and more real…. the pipe dream type places like Thailand have fallen off my radar.  There are grandbabies in my future, (in my VERY DISTANT future…lol) and I would prefer not to be halfway around the world from them!