Hobbies? Anyone…..? Anyone…..?

Do most people have hobbies? Do you have a hobby? I have things I’m interested in, but I can’t really say I have any true hobbies and I admit, I am a little jealous of people who do! I spend WAY too much time “being bored.”  TBH, I think staring at my phone is my hobby. And that’s not cool.

Last Friday night my husband packed his backpack and a hammock and went off into the woods for the night IN THE RAIN.  AND HE WAS _LOVING IT_ “Bushcrafting,” they call it. And he’s obsessed. He watches Youtube videos. He writes a blog. He buys stuff. He reads stuff. You get the idea. He also goes out every Tuesday night to play Dungeons & Dragons. Like… in public. With, like… no shame at all.  (Hee hee)  He reads like 2 books a week.  He plays Fallout and Far Cry. HE DOES ALL THE THINGS.
And I stare at my phone.
I used to be obsessed with scrapbooking, then photography. Both still interest me, but not like they used to. Makeup and fooling around with makeup is fun every day… I guess that’s my current hobby? Maybe?
I broke out the cake decorating kit I got for Christmas 2 years ago last month.  See you next year!

Is finding a hobby like meeting Mr. Right? It just happens? Or do you keep trying things out to find something that strikes your fancy? The latter method doesn’t seem to be working for me so far as evidenced by the cake decorating kit I used once (I’m fat enough without making freaking cake all the time! Also, I suck (receipts above) LOL)… the scrapbooking stuff I still can’t help buying (scrapbooking is so lame …lol)…. all my old camera lenses that are collecting dust (my camera is old and outdated– plus winter, and what would I even take pictures of that I don’t take with my phone…?)

Maybe my hobby is coming up with excuses not to have a hobby!!!  😀


Let’s DO THIS!!!

This week’s “selfie” that actually DOES illustrate something!    

Plan:  Hop out of bed at 9am and go for a nice brisk hour-long walk with Luna

Reality: Wake up at 9…ish.  Lay in bed until 10 frigging around with my tablet and waffling back-and-forth about whether or not to walk.

“If I go at 930, I still have time to walk and get back to get ready for work at noon.”
“I could just start tomorrow.”
“Even if I go at 10, I still have time.”
“If I went at 10:30, I could still get in a half-hour walk.  Maybe I should start there anyway since I am so out-of-shape?”

Sean no likey the selfies 😉

Then I thought about the last line of yesterday’s blog.  “50 pounds to go!”  I don’t want next Sunday’s blog to still say, “50 pounds to go!”  So I JUMPED out of bed before I could change my mind again. THIS is why I blog.

I was GREATLY rewarded for not being a lazy fat-ass.  Sean is on school vacation, and shockingly agreed to join me, so we got in some great mother-son time!  I feel AWESOME!

I set my s-health app for 45 minutes of activity a day.  Not quite ready to pull the trigger on that full hour yet.  Somehow it feels like I am getting away with something naughty, and for some reason, I need that.  I’m just weird that way. 😉  

Lazy weekend

I worked overnight Thursday and Friday, and even though I was able to get plenty of sleep, I still used it as an excuse to eat ALL THE CARBS and accomplish nothing all weekend long 😉  And I am good with that!

I just looked at the weather and it looks like this is the week I will finally get back outside and work my way back into running.  I got me some AWESOME Newton’s fer cheap at Marden’s over the winter and they are ready to hit the pavement! I have such illusions of it being fun and great to be back out running, but I know that it won’t be.  I will probably hate every second of it… until the last second when I feel GREAT that I DID IT!

We’re back, baby!

Haha what a terrible pic
Just wrapped up day 2 of no sugar!  It feels SO satisfying to be back on track.  We were off the rails hard, and I felt completely out of control.  Last time we did this, Lonnie was completely on board and supportive, but he struggled because he was really doing it as a ‘solidarity’ type of thing.  On Sunday,  he decided to watch the movie “Fed Up” and then we watched “That Sugar Film” together.  I could never convince him to watch it last time because one of his pet peeves is my love of reading articles and watching movies that result in my wanting to change our entire lives 😉 
The two movies together were more than enough to inspire us to kick the sugar bullshit and start feeling great again!
My toughest days are Monday and Tuesday as I am busy busy busy with work, and now grad school stuff now on top of that, but I made it through like a champ with NO EXCUSES!!

Hello? Anyone there?

Remember when I said that when coming back from vacation it would be hard to get back “on it.”  Holy Shit– has is ever!??

I’m a mess.

I can blame that I just started grad school.
I can blame that my work schedule has just changed.
I can blame… well… it’s winter…. it’s this… it’s that….. blah blah blah

None of those excuses are actual things that have prevented me from eating well.  None of them.  What HAS prevented me from eating well.  I don’t want to.  I don’t feel like it. I don’t want to plan.  I don’t want o grocery shop

I feel gross.  I feel bloaty and fat and my clothes feel tight.  Lonnie has gained weight too, and because he only gains weight in his belly, it shows quickly and makes him feel gross.  We need to get our shit together.  ASAP.

How do you get that driven feeling back once it disappears!!??  I don’t even want to grocery shop for the “good healthy foods” because well…. probably because part of me knows that I am just going to waste it and part of me knows that if I buy it, then I should get back on it and I DON’T WANNA!!

Day 22- Again with the effing snacks

Last night while in bed watching umpteen episodes of ‘Shameless’ (DAMN YOU SHOWTIME FREE PREVIEW WEEKEND…. sucking me in and FORCING me to subscribe!), I frigged around on Pinterest looking for some low-carb snack ideas.  What did I learn?  Low carb snacks are just all stupid and boring. 

-Have a handful of nuts (YEAH!!  THAT would be SO satisfying!)
-Make this 18 ingredient dessert or bread made up of bizzare chemicals. (GREAT IDEA!!  Eating healthy should ALWAYS involve filling your body with lab created “food.”)
-There is a bizarre obsession with these things called “FAT BOMBS.” The name is disgusting.  As is the premise.  It just seems SO necessary!  Like eating something just to…. eat something?

 So basically my search was a waste of time.  I have no idea what “normal” people that don’t eat sugar snack on.  Fruit I guess.  Dumb.

Also I read an article lately extolling the evils of artificial sweetener.  Which I have already known forever, but right now just seems like the last fucking thing I want to hear.  Now I feel like an asshole when I drink my beloved morning coffee (because I use 2 squirts of Torani sugar free syrup).  And then I feel like an asshole again when I have a diet caffeine free soda later on.  I DO NOT LIKE TO DRINK PLAIN WATER.  My daughter has been doing this lately….


She claims it is delicious, but it seems like a lot of work and a lot of wasted fruit to me. 

WOW, am I bitchy today or WHAT!?

Day 1 1

Well I was a bit lazy today,  but sticking to keeping the sugar down.   I was hankering for something sweet,  so I made one of my old standby concoctions that I use when low-carbing.   Whipping cream with a squirt of my sugar free vanilla sweetener,  drizzled with 2 tablespoons of melted (in the microwave with a little of the cream to make a ganache) semisweet chocolate chips,  and sprinkled with pecans.   Obviously this is an occasional indulgence,  but still a better choice for me than the crap I usually eat.

I actually ALMOST ran today and then foolishly decided to wait til Sean got home and I was going to make him go with me.  …between my urge to run in 39 degrees and Seans school bus arrival,  the urge disappeared.