Lonnie woke up VERY fired up about this “LIFESTYLE CHANGE,” blowing up my phone before I even made it to the Kuerig  

My shower curtain was VERY handsy this morning.  And let’s just say I appreciate the gesture after recently discovering I’ve gained FIFTEEN POUNDS since March. What the actual fuck? I’m not stupid; I know my clothes are tighter and that I have been eating a lot of shitty food and exercising less, but DAYUM! I was in some DEEEEEE-NIAL about how off-the-rails I’ve been. I have a multitude of excuses but gather ’em all up in a jar along with a nickel and you still won’t be able to buy……. um…. a thing that costs more than a nickel….?


Lonnie and I are BACK ON IT! He has forbidden the use of the word “diet,”  preferring the in-my-opinion-much-overused-these-days, “lifestyle change.” But let’s be real. If it walks like a diet, and quacks like a diet, it’s a fucking diet.

So I’ve got the Lose It app loaded. (Felt like a fresh start –so trying this instead of Myfitnesspal)

We’ve got the fridge STOCKED with healthy food.

LET’S DO THIS THING (Forever… you know… because it’s a LIFESTYLE CHANGE AND NOT A DIET!



    1. It seems like everything I try to do is a ‘feature only available for premium users,” and that’s annoying. I like the way it looks, and the way is suggests calories for each meal, but I miss seeing my friends on here since so many people use my fitness pal. I’m giving this one a week and then deciding if I want to pay or go back to mfp. (thinking maybe paying for it will keep me using it)

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      1. I’m really interested to see how it all pans out for you. Lose It seems to have a really nice layout, but I think MFP might have more of a database and connect with more devices/apps. I was thinking about going the premium route, too. I think I’ll do some more investigating before I do. Thanks for the feedback!

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