I spend a lot of time time staring at tables and desks.

My job title of “Crisis Worker” is 70% misleading. It sounds so exciting, right!? CRISIS!!! HELP!! FIX ALL THE THINGS!!! And sometimes, it’s exactly that. I’ve helped dumpster dive. I’ve talked people off bridges. I’ve done things I didn’t even imagine WERE THINGS before taking this job (that unfortunately I can’t blog about— gosh darn confidentiality!)
But mostly…. I wait. I wait for phone calls. I wait for medical clearance. I wait for more phone calls. And then I wait for more phone calls. Today I have spent (so far), about 6 hours (in a windowless room the size of a closet) just waiting for phone calls.
What do I do with all my wait time? Well today I….
-ripped everything off the bulletin board, retyped it all, and made it look nicer
-learned you can buy sunscreen with FSA/HSA money and ordered our whole summer’s supply from fsastore.com (and contact lens solution for the rest of the year)
-Figured out how to order touchup paint that will be an exact match for my car (which I learned today is the color, “Tuxedo Black”)
-Went to the store and grabbed some snacks
-Answered my mom’s e-mail
-looked at vacation cottages in Maine for a friend
-looked at jobs for Sean
-thought about looking at jobs for me (lol –not really)
-organized my wallet- found 2 hidden dollars
-drank at least a gallon of water
-reorganized this room (again)
-wrote this blog when I ran out of ideas of other things to do.


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