Who invited fruit?

I ate a blackberry today.

Under duress.

I made the mistake of telling Sean (my 16yo) my goal to try learning to like fruit this year (assuming he wasn’t paying attention and I was just talking to hear myself speak – as per usual). Apparently one of his callings is aggressively pushing others into achieving their goals. Sean J: life coach whether you like it or not.

The FLAVOR of the little ball of tiny balls was actually quite yummy. The TEXTURE, however, is not something I think I can get used to. The bursting in your mouth thing… The crunchy, tiny, earthy seeds amidst the juicy slime…. Um, no? I can’t say it’s a hard pass, but I definitely didn’t ask for another.

Not that he was offering.

4 thoughts on “Who invited fruit?

  1. A blackberry is a pretty difficult “starter” fruit. Perhaps an apple? Then maybe you could try the texture of a Clementine. That’s it! Try fruits from larger to smaller. Berries last because they are always seedy! ๐Ÿ˜


    1. I actually have a short list of fruit I will eat ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do eat some apples (only jazz and green), and I love clementines, oranges when they are good (are often aren’t so I don’t usually risk it lol), watermelon, and pomegranates.

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