My favorite shit right now.

img_20180328_141238_5993671936874906902122.jpgI posted a pic on Instagram the other day yesterday touting the awesomeness of Ouai Wave Spray. I swear that shit is made of magic! I thought it’d be fun to write a post about ALL my favorite products! It’s also kinda fun to look back at these posts and see if any of my favs have stood the test of time. I found a couple photos I took probably 10 years ago for a blog post, or maybe even a scrapbook page, of Lemon Diet Pepsi (I don’t even drink soda anymore– and I don’t think this even EXISTS anymore!), The Cats Pajamas lotion (No clue when I stopped using that), Dove soap (Nope), and Cinnamon Crest toothpaste (STILL MY FAV!).wp-1522585490343662325706513066498.jpg

When I was in Nashville last spring, my brother took me to the boujee mall in Green Hills and I went into a Kiehl’s store because one of my favorite Youtubers, Jamie Genevieve,  talk about Kiehl’s all the time. I picked up a starter kit that came with lotsa great stuff that turned my skin into a freakin’ baby’s butt! The salesperson was SO nice too and gave me a TON of samples, including a tiny bottle of Daily Reviving Concentrate, “a lightweight facial oil that keeps skin looking radiant all day.”  IT QUICKLY outpaced the other stuff as a “can’t live without.” It has a hint of citrusy smell that is just a lovely way to start the day.  My skin is DEWY and SOFT AF ALL DAY LONG!! It’s my freaking jam.Warning: It ain’t cheap, but you only use 3-4 drops a day, so even the small sized bottle lasts me about 6 months. Lonnie has jumped onto the Kiehl’s wagon since they have a great men’s line too, and his skin looks great!

I use it’s sister, Nighttime Recovery, too, but if I had to choose one, it woud be this one!

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer: Honestly, It was weird at first slathering lotion onto my wet self, but once I got over it (ok… lying a bit, I am still not over it, it’s a weird feeling), I was HOOKED on super soft skin that lasts all day! I ALWAYS get extremely dry skin in the winter despite using every lotion I could try, but this year, I DIDN’T 

for the first time in my LIFE! I alternate between the regular and the one that adds a little kiss of tan.20180401_0816278722384857081596609.jpg

So those are the “biggies,” but I gotta throw in some honorable mentions…

Milk Cooling Water stick. I keep it in the fridge. Every morning I grab my Cashew Almond Milk (also deserving of a mention!), swipe my Cooling Water under my eyes and let it do it’s thing while I sip my coffee. It’s SO extra, and makes me start the day feelin’ fancy 😉

20180401_0815247082522353896638641.jpgSPEAKING OF COFFEE!!!  COFFEE!!  I recently learned to like hot coffee and my mornings are just delightful these days. Sipping my coffee with lots of cashew-almond milk (no sugar), while watching a couple Youtube videos is the perfect ease-in to every day 🙂

Also speaking of coffee. My heart was broken (ok… that’s dramatic) this week. When Lonnie and I were away, a little coffee shop in Old Orchard Beach had Green Mountain Island Coconut coffee and it was DEEEE-LICIOUS. I NEED IT IN MY DAILY LIFE!  ……..and I can’t have it. Apparently, it was a limited-edition release. I’ve searched everywhere to no avail 😦  

UPDATE!!  I found it in K-cups– I don’t have a Kuerig, but I ordered a pack anyway (LOL)!

I think I’ve rambled long enough!  Gonna have to save makeup for another post!  Here’s a little Jamie video because why not?


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