Did you know you when you die you can have your ashes crushed into a diamond? I am SO IN. I live for the day (ok, I guess I die for the day) this goes down:

Random person to Jessi “Ooooh what a pretty ring!”

Jessi: “Thanks, it’s my mom!”

Random person: “Oh, you mean your mom left it to you?”

Jessi: “No. It IS my mom.”

Random person: …

I also told Sean he needs to make me into a pinky ring.  Because the thought of him sporting me as a pinky ring makes me laugh. Do you think if I stay kinda fat, they can get at least 2 rings outta me? Hmmm…. it’s probably more about the bones, huh?

2 thoughts on “Crushed.

  1. Hmmm, instead of scattering my ashes, they could scatter a diamond! They can actually laser messages on a diamond in teeny letters. Wouldn’t it be fun if someone found me and when they took the diamond to the jeweler to have it appraised it would say something like: Hi! I am Linda and I’m happy to meet you, even though I’m dead.”

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