Nissan Pathfinders: JUST SAY NO


Men don’t have intuition

January 24th 2015 I had a MAJOR “Woman’s intuition moment,” that I didn’t listen to. That was the day we bought the Pathfinder, and for no reason at all, and despite us both having always wanted one since high school, I had a bad, bad feeling.

Not even 2 years and about $3000 dollars later, we waved goodbye to the car from hell.  There are not enough swear words in the urban dictionary to express what we went through with that thing. Not to mention the umpteen times our mechanic said, “I told you…. I am a certified Nissan technician and I would NEVER own a Nissan.” So when the engine started getting louder and louder last week (in addition to some 4wd issue we were avoiding fixing), that was the last straw.  I believe the text I sent to Lonnie said, “Well, I guess take it back over to the shop and I’ll pick you up.”  Followed immediately by, “NO.  FUCK THAT.  Drive it to Darlings.  Don’t care what we have to do or what we get in trade in for it. Fucking done.”

Then I went online to start researching cars and found  And this….wp-1484166536709.jpgThis website certainly was there when we bought the stupid Nissan, and didn’t behave like informed consumers.  Live and learn.  Lesson learned.  I learned when I bought my Escape to keep my eye on the bottom line because car salesman are tricky, and I learned from this Pathfinder to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH before buying.

The Pathfinder BARELY made to the dealership.  No clue what the problem was this time, I couldn’t care less because that piece of shit is GONE GONE GONE.  We got a great deal on a 2014 Toyota Rav 4 that has great reviews, and a better track record of reliability.  While I am not thrilled about the higher car payment, the peace-of-mind of not exploding on the highway is well worth it!


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