This week’s lesson

“The only behavior we can control is our own. No one can make us do anything we do not want to do, as long as we are willing to endure the consequences (i.e., punishment for not doing what others want us to do). If we choose to do what others want us to do under the threat of severe punishment, we tend to be passive-aggressive by not performing well. When we try to force others to do what they do not want to do, they may choose not to do it—or choose to also be passive-aggressive by not performing well (Glasser, 1998).”

So there you go. Today I wrote a paper on “Glasser’s choice theory of explanation of human behavior.”  And true to “Colleen behavior,” said paper was due yesterday. See above quote for the reason.  Deadlines. Due dates. Forced reading of shit I don’t want to read. (Ok, that’s not entirely true, most of the stuff I am studying gets me all wound up and ready to throw on my Social Worker Superhero Cape!) Sometimes it gets to me, especially when life gets busy, or I get the stupid flu.  Fortunately, also true to “Colleen behavior,” I always pull it off in the end and somehow have maintained a 4.o.

When researching grad school, I had a choice between brick-and-mortar, or online. I chose online for the flexible schedule and the promise of enhancing my writing skills.  While I absolutely do not regret it, I DO think I made things much more difficult… ok “CHALLENGING,” for myself. Rather than classroom lectures and discussions, it’s reading scholarly journal articles, textbooks, and periodicals, and then formulating a “discussion post,” (in APA format, of course!), and then responding (in APA format, of course!) to other’s “discussion posts” with more reading and research.  So instead of classwork, reading, and maybe writing one or 2 papers a week, it’s basically writing 6-10 papers a week.

It’s all good, though.  It’s tough, sometimes almost insurmountably tough, but it’s wo20161218_154238rth it.  I can already see the difference in my writing from the first class and today.  I have changed my point-of-view on SO. MANY. THINGS. and I LOVE THAT!

Full Disclosure: I had two papers due yesterday and totally made the choice to blow them both off in favor of spending the day with my husband eating grilled cheese sandwiches, drinking, making cookies, watching football, and taking selfies with my puppy. A choice I paid dearly for at 6am this morning. #worthit


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