The Pig

captureWhen I picture “Binge Eating Disorder,” I see a person sitting in the middle of a pile of junk food and empty wrappers in a frenzied, frantic state. I see a woman sneaking away from her family and shoving food down her throat really fast before someone comes into the room.  I see someone digging through trash to find food they had tried to throw away to stop themselves from eating it.  I see someone ordering a salad when out with friends, and then going home and eating their entire kitchen.  Disgusting scenes.  All of them.

That’s not me.  So, of COURSE,  I don’t have “Binge Eating Disorder,” right?  Wrong.  40 years of denial has been fun though. LOL It’s embarrassing. Disgusting. It sounds so much nicer to say things like, “emotional eating,” or “overeating,” or joking about just loving food. 3748156944155719512-account_id=1.jpg

I don’t even remember what triggered the thought I may have this problem.  I do remember that once it occurred to me, I pushed it down and didn’t research it like I usually would for a least a week. I didn’t want to see in print what my heart already knew.

When I did begin to research, I took some quizzes and read some scholarly journal articles, and had to face the facts.It’s been several weeks since I realized that I have a problem, and I am only now feeling like I can blog about it.  But here I am blogging, because I just finished this book and it has been so different from other stuff I have read in my seemingly never-ending-quest-for-thinness.  The book had me when he basically says, ‘you can’t love yourself thin…that’s stupid.

I have committed to some major changes since reading the book and have not waivered, so I think I am on to something here.  So I share, even though I am embarrassed, in case there is even one person out there living the struggle that I can help.  The book is freaking FREE (I have no idea why…..) on Amazon and is electronic so you can start immediately!!!

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