Shifting Focus

My jaw has been sore for about a week because I am clenching my teeth at night.  This election is getting to me more than it should.  I think it’s because I have to write 6-10 papers a week for grad school focusing on social justice, oppression, and inequality, then I go on facebook and read people’s posts in defense of Trump and it just sets my teeth on edge.  I find women’s posts especially disappointing. The picture of that woman circulating around wearing that t-shirt that says, “Trump can grab my…..” with the arrow pointing to her crotch just made me sad for humanity. Do you know the comments Trump would make about her imperfect body? I would bet money that she also has ranted about the queers going in the Target bathroom and kids having to see that… and then wears that shirt for kids to see. I wouldn’t want my daughter, or my son,  left alone in a room with Trump.  That right there should be enough to tell you that he is not PRESIDENTIAL! ::::sigh::::

I need to shift my focus away from facebook and election stuff, or I am going to need dentures  and a new jaw by next Tuesday.  I deleted the facebook app off my phone.  I turned off automatic sharing of my blog posts to facebook too.  I have awesome things to focus on that DON’T piss me off and add to my stress levels.  IT’S AWESOME IN NEW ENGLAND!!  I have an adorable puppy! My daughter is coming home soon!  I do fun stuff! Honestly one of the few things I will miss seeing on Facebook is the “I Require Art” page because I love their posts!



Autumn in Maine
Awesome football game with friends, who afterward joked about me being on my phone the whole time, and they are RIGHT!


I require art!


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