How to add an extra day to your week

Last weekend we brought home the German Shepherd puppy we have been talking about getting for years.  While it was talked about for years, it was NOT planned and very spontaneous (Cuz that’s how we roll!).

Sunday night, we realized the cost of spontaneity.

Lonnie: What are we doing with the puppy when I go to work and Sean goes to school?  Crating her won’t work, she will have just woken up and will be all hyper.

So… my usual 9:30-10ish wake-up time is now 6-30.  AND I DON’T HATE IT!  That extra 3 hours a day gives me 21 extra hours a week!!  Holy crap! My house is cleaner.  I’ve had time to get in a hours walk every day, which doubles as puppy training time.  My school work feels less overwhelming. I fall right to sleep bedtime. Lonnie and I are more in sync.  With everything done, I can fully focus on Sean after school when we sit down for homework time.  I actually made it to Zumba this morning! This is freaking fantastic!

And no, it hasn’t been all roses and sunshine.  When 6am rolls around, several days I laid there brainstorming ways to allow me to remain in bed, but decided that the benefits far outweigh the blechiness.  So I have set a rule for myself, that I will get up every day at this time, and at least go downstairs on the couch with a blanket to watch the puppy.  I always end up doing school work, cleaning, or other stuff, but I don’t HAVE to… the only thing I HAVE to do is get my ass downstairs.  My ADHD will take care of the rest 😉



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