Sometimes there is just a perfect word to describe something.

This is the first quarter of grad school where I have realized that grad school is no joke.  I am certain that’s how they get ya. It starts out all nice and kinda fun and easier than you expected, and then BLAM!!!!!!!, you are in too deep to get out and it’s taking over your life. Welcome to crack… I mean… grad school. In addition to my mountain of papers and discussion posts, our fridge died (which has somehow caused our entire house to be torn apart and our healthy eating has gone to shit), my mother is up visiting from Nashville, and work cases have been far more intense and heartbreaking than usual,  and to top it all off we had to put my husband’s beloved elderly dog to sleep.  Everything really needs to just PIPE THE FUCK DOWN for a bit.

Heading over to visit with Mom (who is staying on the coast in a cute little cottage) tomorrow. and while I can’t completely relax because I have school work to do, I don’t have to be in this house of horrors or deal with any crises, so I am calling it a vacation.  It’s all in the words.

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