Husband appreciation post

I know people hate this shit and :::::GAG:::::: But why?  I mean…  I don’t hate it when other people do it.  ….to a point.  Anyway…. this is my blog and I don’t care.  And YOU KNOW WHAT!!!???  Maybe if we all focused in on love and appreciation and shit, this world wouldn’t be going to hell in a handbasket.  So… if you are reading this… I challenge you to put some love and appreciation out into the world today!!

I felt compelled to write this blog after glanced over at my husband in the kitchen julienning green apples, fennel, red cabbage, and carrots to make himself a fennel slaw to add to his lunches for the week.  He had a similar slaw a Duckfat a few years ago and made it his mission to replicate it and make it part of his life 🙂

This is after a morning of hard-core housework including dismantling furniture, massive cleaning, and trips to the dump.  Jessi’s move, and Sean’s move to her room, has left us doing some SERIOUS cleaning and purging.

After a little lunch break, we headed into Bangor to run errands.  We took “the long way” …and what “the long way” means, is frequent stops, turns, and detours as we hunt for Pokemon and Pokestops.  Hey!??  You gotta catch em all!!

And these errands… a trip to Ulta, AC Moore, and grocery shopping.  And he doesn’t begrudgingly come along, he is all in!!  He will smell shampoos, consult about make-up colors, and agonize about future craft projects til the cows come home!

After grocery shopping, before putting groceries away, he decides to clean out the fridge.  Like…. on his own.  Without my even mentioning that it was a bit overdue to happen.

I gave him a hug from behind as he was washing out the nasty containers from the fridge and told him I was a very lucky woman to have him.  Which just confused him and made him think I was a weirdo.  But that’s ok.  I am a weirdo.

Note to self:  Read this post next time I feel the urge to FINISH HIM him during an epic xbox session…..  😉

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