15 observations aka "Our Trip to Quebec"

1. The road to Quebec is very long.  And boring.  Lots and lots of trees……….

A waterfall somewhere between here and Canada

2. I thought going through the border gate would be busy… like a line of cars waiting for their turn.  It wasn’t.  It was just us both ways.  In fact fir most of the journey it seemed like we were the only people in the world.
3. We only saw 1 moose.  And Sean saw a fox.
4. While we were told that Justin Bieber was staying at our hotel, we had zero Biebs sightings.  And trust me, we tried.
5.  When you travel to Mexico a lot, other places seem very expensive. Quebec was no exception to this. Anyone want to buy a kidney?  I have a spare.
6. Day 3 of family trips is “everyone is getting on everyone else’s last nerve” day, no matter whether the trip is 3 days or 7.
7.  Justin Bieber puts on a damn good show.  …but he seems a little sad to me.  And that makes me sad for him 😦 …which makes it hard to objectify him.  😉
8. My body has a poutine threshold.  This was a surprise.
9.  Trips are no longer, “Colleen with camera.”  In fact Sean and Lonnie took 99% of them on this trip.  Which is very cool and results in some awesome pics!!

Lots and lot of pictures of dogs…. 

10.  The Fairmont Chateau de Frontenac is very nice and super fancy.  But probably a 1 time thing.  Too many other cheaper, but still very nice options. Cheaper hotels = TWO ROOMS …which makes an unbelievable difference in the sanity of all involved when  traveling with older kids/teens.
11.  The Hotel de Concorde is ALSO very nice and modernly fancy and has a great, affordable, causal Italian place on the first floor.  Definitely will stay there again.
12. Whiskey, in the form of Maple Whiskey vanilla milkshakes, cause my daughter to need an immediate nap.
13. My kids are not always the most enthusiastic of travelers.  Example:  They refused to go on the Funicular to the lower part of town because it “looked dumb.”

Could not be a more perfect illustration 😉

14. My husband, however, is excessively enthusiastic when traveling.  Except when he gets hungry and we take too long to get ready, or find a place.  …Or there is a line.  Then all bets are off.
15. Sean’s obsession with noting people’s expensive shoes and spotting fancy cars just goes off the rails in cities.

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