This sucks.

Lesson:  When a good part of your life revolves around talking about where you are going to move away to someday, there are people listening.  People that are at points in THEIR lives where they can take action instead of just talk-talk-talking about it.

Richmond, VA- The city that is stealing my child

It’s no secret that I had a hard time when Jessi went off to college.  But now she is REALLY LEAVING!  Like, ’12 hours away’ leaving.  Like, ‘have to fly there’ leaving.  Like, ‘requires several days off’ to visit leaving.

I am NOT handling it well.  At all.

Friday I spent the day crying.  All. Day.  (It didn’t help that I also binge-watched the Kid’s Baking Championship and when those little kidlets get crying…. damn… that show is ROUGH!)  Then I drank some Rum.  OK, more than some.

Saturday I got pissed off and spent the day angry. “Who the hell does she think she is!!?”  “She just texted me wanting me to bring her allergy meds at work, but she is going to move 12 hours way!!???  WHAT THE FUCK!!!??”  “She spent her whole life being my buddy and getting me all attached to her and now can just go to seeing me like twice a year and not even care!!!??? BITCH!”

Then I googled “my child is moving away”  and found that there are a LOT of message boards with mommies JUST LIKE ME!  I got that little gem that I posted yesterday from that board— clearly I was not quite ready to receive it LOL. Another gem that stuck with me was…

Just remember that they are not running AWAY from you, they are running TOWARDS their life (or something like that).
Something about reading that stuff flipped a switch for me.  I cried a little, then I sighed and got back to looking at cool apartments in Richmond for her to look check out.
Then I decided I needed a little retail therapy and was grateful to have married a man who not only understands the importance of retail therapy, but is totally down to join in.  So, I am now the proud owner of a few new super cute running outfits since I also have a man who is kinda smart and suggested that since running has helped me get through tough stuff in the past, I should run. run. RUN!

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