We’re back, baby!

Haha what a terrible pic
Just wrapped up day 2 of no sugar!  It feels SO satisfying to be back on track.  We were off the rails hard, and I felt completely out of control.  Last time we did this, Lonnie was completely on board and supportive, but he struggled because he was really doing it as a ‘solidarity’ type of thing.  On Sunday,  he decided to watch the movie “Fed Up” and then we watched “That Sugar Film” together.  I could never convince him to watch it last time because one of his pet peeves is my love of reading articles and watching movies that result in my wanting to change our entire lives 😉 
The two movies together were more than enough to inspire us to kick the sugar bullshit and start feeling great again!
My toughest days are Monday and Tuesday as I am busy busy busy with work, and now grad school stuff now on top of that, but I made it through like a champ with NO EXCUSES!!

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