Days 23 and 24

Still going string, which I honestly find rather odd.  I think retraining my brain by reminding myself that sugar is the devil is actually working.  “That Sugar Film” is really what drove this change.  And I REALLY want it to stick!  However,  after I first watched ‘Supersize Me,’  I couldn’t eat McDonald’s for 6 months, and obviously that creeped it’s way back in, and that is EASY to avoid eating.  Sugar is freaking EVERYWHERE!!

The times I falter, or waiver a bit, is when cooking for the family.  For example… Tonight I am making Pot Roast.  And on the side I am making Salt and vinegar potatoes that someone posted a few weeks ago and Lonnie and I have been obsessed with trying…but haven’t because they take so freaking long to cook!

My Pot Roast is fucking awesomesauce.  And the most awesome part IS the sauce aka gravy!  Flour is a no-no for me. But nor do I want to use weird low-carb chemically thickeners.  Also… the family will organize a revolution if I mess with one of their favorite things that I only make 2-3 times a year!!  So what should I do?  Make it anyway?  Don’t use the gravy on mine?  ::::SAD FACE::::  Just have some since it’s not a regular occurrence?  I…………….DON’T………………..KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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