Day 22- Again with the effing snacks

Last night while in bed watching umpteen episodes of ‘Shameless’ (DAMN YOU SHOWTIME FREE PREVIEW WEEKEND…. sucking me in and FORCING me to subscribe!), I frigged around on Pinterest looking for some low-carb snack ideas.  What did I learn?  Low carb snacks are just all stupid and boring. 

-Have a handful of nuts (YEAH!!  THAT would be SO satisfying!)
-Make this 18 ingredient dessert or bread made up of bizzare chemicals. (GREAT IDEA!!  Eating healthy should ALWAYS involve filling your body with lab created “food.”)
-There is a bizarre obsession with these things called “FAT BOMBS.” The name is disgusting.  As is the premise.  It just seems SO necessary!  Like eating something just to…. eat something?

 So basically my search was a waste of time.  I have no idea what “normal” people that don’t eat sugar snack on.  Fruit I guess.  Dumb.

Also I read an article lately extolling the evils of artificial sweetener.  Which I have already known forever, but right now just seems like the last fucking thing I want to hear.  Now I feel like an asshole when I drink my beloved morning coffee (because I use 2 squirts of Torani sugar free syrup).  And then I feel like an asshole again when I have a diet caffeine free soda later on.  I DO NOT LIKE TO DRINK PLAIN WATER.  My daughter has been doing this lately….

She claims it is delicious, but it seems like a lot of work and a lot of wasted fruit to me. 

WOW, am I bitchy today or WHAT!?

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