Days 12 and 13

I got on the scale this morning.  Since I haven’t been on the scale in a couple months, I have no idea how much I have lost since I started doing this, but I DO know that the number was lower than it was when I was on the scale a couple months ago, so YAY!  I try very hard to stay away from the scale altogether.  I read a book once that talked about being a slave to the scale, and it is SO TRUE.  I could be “ON IT” and feeling great, clothes fitting right, then get on the scale and see a number that is upsetting and BOOM…. no longer feeling great.  Because of a tiny electronic box.  My 20 year old daughter has NO idea what she weighs except when she goes to the doctor.  She thinks scales are stupid.  She just lives her life and eats normally, stops when she is full, and eats what she wants.  I am SO THANKFUL every day that I was able to raise her this way and not pass down my issues.  I worked hard to not ever limit food or make food an ‘issue.’  I always had snacks in the house so that snacks were not “taboo.”  And even though I hate fruit.  I worked hard to foster a love of fruit in both kids.

My 13 year old son is a whole other blog. 

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