Day 1 1

Well I was a bit lazy today,  but sticking to keeping the sugar down.   I was hankering for something sweet,  so I made one of my old standby concoctions that I use when low-carbing.   Whipping cream with a squirt of my sugar free vanilla sweetener,  drizzled with 2 tablespoons of melted (in the microwave with a little of the cream to make a ganache) semisweet chocolate chips,  and sprinkled with pecans.   Obviously this is an occasional indulgence,  but still a better choice for me than the crap I usually eat.

I actually ALMOST ran today and then foolishly decided to wait til Sean got home and I was going to make him go with me.  …between my urge to run in 39 degrees and Seans school bus arrival,  the urge disappeared.

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