Days 6 and 7

OOPS  I didn’t journal yesterday!

But fear not. This I haven’t quit or fallen off the wagon or anything.  I was just BUSY!!!  Busy NOT going to the gym as planned. And it’s football day today, so it’s not happening today either 🙂

After a loooooooong day of visiting with family and then shopping.  I made DELICIOUS chicken bowls.  We had planned on going to Chipotle, but the mall area was crazy and we were all beat. So I turned my kitchen into an even better Chipotle!  SO GOOD!!!! 

Today is football food day. We have the stuff to make veggies and dip and coconut shrimp, and I am getting hungry just thinking about it!!!

Maybe I will have a piece of the delicious frittata that Lonnie made yesterday to tie me over 🙂  BTW…. FRITTATAS ARE SO INTO THE ROTATION!!

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