Day 2 – The headache has arrived!

Breakfast: Green Beans, chicken, little bits of bacon. YES PLEASE

I woke up this morning with a rager of a headache.  I know this headache well…. it’s my body screaming, “WHERE THE FUCK IS ALL MY SUGAR!!!!!!??????  I LOVE THAT SHIT!!!!  GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!”  I ALSO woke up this morning feeling physically ’empty’ and flatter.  Losing water and bloat, I assume.  I LOVE this feeling.  It feels like success and that screams MUCH louder than the headache!

Day 1 was a resounding success!!  I worked a 14 hour shift and felt the pangs of temptation a few times.  It was a looooong, annoying day, as I was assigned to a task that I do not enjoy because the usual person who does it and likes is it on vacation.  The worst part of the day was lunchtime.  It was FREEZING and blustery yesterday, and I dreaded the thought of getting out of the car to go into the grocery store salad bar.  I longed to stay in my warm, cozy car drive through my favorite McDonald’s and nosh on a yummy “Number 2 with the cheeseburgers plain and a diet coke.”  But I didn’t!  I braved the cold, got my salad, and it was delicious!  I think it helped that I had a filling. hearty breakfast, so I wasn’t ready to eat my arm off when I was able to break for lunch (We don’t have set ‘lunch breaks.’  We take it when we can get it).

Oddly enough I am listening to Dr Laura right now and someone has called because she is 100lbs overweight and wants to be able to lose weight to manage her diabetes and have a baby.  She talked about her cravings and her battle/struggle with weight loss and Dr Laura finally stopped her and said;
“For you, feeling good in the moment takes priority.  It’s a choice.”  Story. of. my. life.  And not even with just food.  I do what I want, when I want.  If I don’t feel like doing something, I don’t do it. (Well except for at work, of course! I love my job and I work with high caliber people who are awesome at their jobs and that shit is contagious!)

She then had the lady take out a chocolate bar and break off a piece and say out loud;
“I can choose you.  Or I can choose to lose 100 pounds.  I choose you.”  then she had her eat the chocolate.  She went through this several times.

I am SO going to do this! 

Today’s challenges:

  • We are midst snowstorm.  Fortunately I knew it was coming and shopped yesterday to prepare, but there is something about being snowed in that makes you want treats.  I’ll be fine though.  I’m still early enough in the diet that it’s still exciting and new and I love eating the stuff!
  • I’m covering the overnight shift tonight for the vacationing co-worker.  Still not sure how I am going to handle overnight shifts.  I guess if I get called out, I will bring a snack?
  • I had gym plans today… but not sure that will happen in the storm. SO… if I don’t go to the gym there is NO reason that that I can’t exercise here at home.  None!

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