Since this blog is just sitting here unused…. DAY ONE

…and I was trying to think of a way to journal through this new endeavor, why not use it!?

I’d like a little less belly and little less face please 🙂

Today I am starting yet another diet.   Screw all you “don’t diet, change your lifestyle people.”  That is totally just something you say when you don’t want to admit you are on a diet.  Also… dieting IS changing your lifestyle.  Currently my lifestyle is eating McDonald’s and chips and chex mix and well… whatever the hell I feel like eating when I am hungry, bored, tired, stressed, annoyed, upset, or see a commercial for something yummy.  My lifestyle is also mostly sitting and sleeping with brief, occasional spurts of exercise.

SO… “changing my lifestyle” means from today until I leave for Mexico on February 5th, I am going to live a different “lifestyle.”   I am going to use air-quotes a lot.  I am going to eat only meats and veggies, and some cheese.  I am not going to give up my full-of-artificial-sweetener daily morning iced coffee.  BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO!  I am going to hit the gym often and hard.  I am going to focus on weight lifting AND getting back up to running.  It may be unrealistic to think I will be able to live up to my daydream of getting up early to go for a jog through Cozumel before the cruise ships have debarked and everyone is still sleeping, but I can CERTAINLY go for a jog/walk…. and maybe even mostly a jog!

Tricky areas and plan of attack:

My job.

I work 12-14 hour shifts on Monday and Tuesday every week.  Then I work 8pm to 8am Thursday nights.  I use my job as an excuse to eat McDonald’s because I fucking LOVE their plain cheeseburgers and fries.  So good.  Judge away… I don’t care.  I realize that for most people McD’s is something they eat because they need to grab something and go.  I actually LOOK FORWARD to Mondays and Tuesdays because I know I get to have McDonald’s if I get called out.

Night shifts are an issue as well.  Sometimes I just get to sleep and they don’t disrupt life at all.  Sometimes I am out all night and I never know what to eat or not eat.  Part of me feels like I shouldn’t eat anything because I normally wouldn’t if I was sleeping, but the other part of me gets HAAAAANGRY!!  And also when I get home and go to sleep, I have trouble sleeping long enough if I am hungry.


  • BREAKFAST- I will eat SOMETHING before I head out the door in the morning
  • If I can go to McDonalds, I can ALSO go to the grocery store and grab things that aren’t McDonald’s.  I can’t even think of a McDonald’s that isn’t within a mile of a grocery store.
  • I will try to pack stuff.  This one is kind of a pipe dream.  I suck at this and because of the way my job is, it’s hard to even know what to pack.  Sometimes I am on the road all day.  Sometimes I am in hospitals.  Sometimes I am home.  Usually it’s a mix of all of them.  

And…. as I type this…. I get paged….  

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