A details man

He is a highly intelligent version of a little bit of Rain Man mixed with a little bit of Bubba Gump.  He is Dr. Reed from Criminal Minds.  Sometimes it drives me crazy.  Other times….

This morning my ear lobes were a bit sore and crusty from wearing new earrings on Christmas.  I NEVER wear earrings.  So as he noticed me making an ‘ew’ face while picking at my ears he says, “Do you not wear earrings very much?”  To which I reply, “No… I don’t. Do you not have eyes?”  To which he responds, “Oh I have eyes. They are just usually focused on your sparkly eyes.  ….. or your boobs.  Or your sly, mischievous smile.  ….or your other shy, cute smile. You have a lot of smiles, but those are your main ones.”

…Well I guess other times it drives me crazy too.  I have lots of different crazies.  🙂

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