Tattoo obsession

Photoshop Style Tattoos  The title says it all.  I am completely obsessed with tattoos.  It’s a good thing they are expensive.  It’s also a good thing I have had some limits set by my husband… “I love girls with tattoos, but I would prefer my wife to not look she’s part of the Yakuza.”  I definitely have a few more before I reach that level 😉

I’m going to visit my mom and brother in Nashville in November and while down there my little bro and I are planning to get some new ink.  WOOO HOOO!!

So obsession is cranked into full gear because I can’t decide if I want to get something on my other shoulder, upper arm/shoulder cap, OR I am leaning VERY heavily towards turning my roadrunner tattoo into a collage piece.  I LOVE the photoshop style tattoos.  I actually had planned to do it ages ago before I even know there WAS a name to the style. keepin’ it real… as I always do.  I am a LITTLE SCARED of getting something on my arm because I am afraid it will accentuate my arm fat, and AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!  So… as a result I spend a lot of time staring at fat chicks with tattoos, in real life and Pinterest life.  Hope they realize that I am admiring them and not hatin’ 😉 

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