Cheese alert. You’ve been warned.

Random web pic from but it was this bright! 

Last night on my way home from work, I saw the coolest falling star I have ever seen.  It was HUGE and super bright sailed across the sky for a LONG time.  It was way cool.  After I ooohed and ahhhhed to myself, I suddenly thought,  “Ooooohhhhh I am supposed to make a wish and this was such a neat star that it has to be a good one!!” …..and for the life of me, I couldn’t think of anything I would wish for!!

Thoughts that crossed my mind….

Money:  Well yeah more could be fun, but we have to have to work to earn our fun stuff, which makes us appreciate it more!!  And frankly, rich people don’t seem all that happy. And also… wishing for more just seems greedy since there are so many that have so little.

Skinny!:  Meh.  Sure I want to lose weight, but I am working on it and I don’t want a quick fix since I know that the problem is not my body, it’s my mind!

World Peace:  Yeah I totally went there.  And then thought about the Matrix and how they tried to make a utopia and the program failed because humans thrive on misery or some shit like that.  Oh. my. god. I am such a nerd ROFL

So in the end of this harried thought process (because, you know… there is a short window of wish time…. #science), my final wish was that I stay as happy as I am right now.

For the rest of the ride home, I just thought about all of the things I had to be grateful for (my job that allowed me to see the star in the first place (and that just plain rules), my husband, my two kids who drive me crazy– yet still make sure I know they love me every day, my family, my awesome friends, my giant-yet-cheap apartment……etc etc etc, and then couldn’t sleep when I got home because I was all wound up 😉


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