Still going…..

Still plugging along.  Can’t say I am loving it.  And honestly, 3/4s of the time I don’t feel like I am accomplishing anything at all.  Ok maybe half the time.  It’s just happening soooo slowly and I don’t feel like I am seeing the results that I should be since I have NEVER gone over my points for the week.  Ever.

This is not to say I am working my butt off, because I am not.   I have not really been exercising very much.  Today I tried to jump back on the horse and took Luna for a nice longish walk.  Last week I challenged a friend to daily arm workouts, and I did it the day I initiated the challenge and that’s it.  LOL

Why don’t I exercise?  Well…  here’s my list of stupid excuses…. 

1. I am lazy.
2. It’s summer and I would rather go to the beach.
3.  It’s fucking hot and even more fucking humid and I hate that shit.
4.  Waiting for Lonnie to get home and then driving to the gym and working out and driving all the way home feels like it eats the entire afternoon away and then we are rushing to make dinner and stuff before….well…. before TV time and bed. (Holy crap that may be the dumbest excuse of all, but it IS what goes through my head)
5. I love classes at the gym, HOWEVER, I have a half-hour attention span and all the classes are an hour, so from minute 30-60 I want to shoot myself in the face…. which does not make me excited to go.

So there they are.  The reasons I choose not to exercise. I told you they were all stupid.

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