Weight Watchers, Who KNEW!???? …And bullies, too many know :(

OK, a lot of people, lol.  Like millions even.

10.6 pounds down!  WOO EFFING HOOOOOO!!!!

A couple of our favs right now that are keeping us going strong…

Chocolate graham crackers with light cool whip on top and put in the freezer.  I like them better with no top.  I mean isn’t everything pretty and yummy better topless?  😉

Cutting our rice with half cauliflower.  This one is a throwback to our low carb/paleo days.  We used to buy heads of it and food process it, which is kind of a pain in the arse.  But NOW they sell Cauliflower Crumbles in the produce section….  GAME ON!

If you are eating rice with anything on top or mixed in, you will not notice! OK… you may notice the smell of the cauliflower, so make sure whatever you are topping it with is aromatic!  Which leads me to….

This recipe has been life changing.  Lonnie and I are completely in love with it and have had a twice a week since we found it.  The only thing we don’t add is the sesame oil (because we didn’t have any the first time we made it, and it was delicious without it, so why bother now?) or sesame seeds.   We make it in our other life changer…. the Instant Pot.  I have blogged about it before, and we still use it at least 3-5 times a week.  It has replaced our crockpot, pressure cooker (which I was afraid to use anyway), rice cooker, and dutch oven.  It steams stuff, sautes stuff, and makes yogurt I guess, but that’s gross. 

On another note, we have switched gyms from Gold’s to the Y.  We wanted to bring 13yo Sean to work out with us.  He is by no means fat, but he has enough extra fluff that he feels self-conscious and wants to wear sweatshirts every day to cover it up.  We enrolled him at soccer camp this week because he likes soccer and to get him outside moving and off the ps4.  Mid-week he came home and confessed to us that he was being was teased about being fat by some rotten kids and didn’t want to go back.  The issue was dealt with wonderfully by the camp, but nonetheless, it is heartbreaking to see your kid hurt like that.  So I promised him that this was the summer of fixing that problem so that he never has to feel this way again. 

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