Move Musings AKA– Where should we live!?

Big trips and little trips always get me all in a dither about our several-years-from-now move. Yesterday Lonnie and I took a day trip down to Portland to see ‘Jurassic World’ at the IMAX and do some grocery shopping at Trader Joes.  All day long there were many mentions of someday actually living in a city with both of those right nearby!

We want to live in a city where people are physically active and there is lots to do nearby.  A giant plus that I have noted, is that no matter where we go, finding a job should not be an issue for me. There is no shortage of people requiring mental health services in this country!!  
We keep going back to focusing on cities on the Gulf coast because I think we feel like it will be like living on vacation.  So that is where I started my googling adventure on this rainy morning.

We think about Florida a lot.  Over the winter, I worked with a personal trainer who had just moved up here from there and he often talked about how much more active people are and how much more there is to do,  He also claims that after about 2 years, you get used to the heat (he is from Massachusetts originally).  Also I like the idea of living somewhere that people will want to come visit us and use us to save on hotel costs 😉
I have been to Tampa and Orlando. While I can see myself enjoying life there, I’m not sure I can resign myself to never having my hair look good again.  Florida=frizz.  Also…. I’m not sure I believe my trainer about the heat thing.  The closest to summer we have been there is May, and “hot” is an understatement, so I can’t even imagine what it’s like in August.  How active outdoors can you really be in the summertime when just walking from your house to your car is atrociously heat-oppressive??

I have focused on Austin in the past, but I think I am over that.  Today I researched Houston and Galveston and was ALL ABOUT IT for about an hour.  Great economy, near the ocean, lots of gorgeous/cheap apartments.
Looking on message boards  there are an overwhelming amount of comments from people like this…
Do yourself a favor while you’re ahead. Don’t move to Houston.

It’s a hell hole.”

Lots of comments about how the only thing to do is go out to dinner. That the heat is so oppressive that in the summer all you can do is stay indoors.  That it’s Jesusland.  Traffic. Rednecks. High crime.

I am pretty excited about Portland, Oregon!  If I can get past the rain issue, it sounds like EXACTLY where I want to live!
Not sure I can get past the rain issue.  As we all know, I am a little prone to the Winter Blues.  I’m not sure if that’s the 567 feet of snow and snot-freezing temperatures keeping me indoors that causes it, or the actual lack of sunshine.  If it’s the former, then we should be fine!   
I have no idea where we will end up…. or maybe we will take some time in each one!  But I have plenty of time, and I am having a lot of fun figuring it out!!!

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