When cupcakes dissappoint….

What a waste

I trying to learn to teach my brain, belly, and mouth to slow their roll.  Settle down.  Be happy with less.

I also know that I must keep all three happy while doing so, or there will be a REVOLUTION!

It’s a delicate balance.

Yesterday Lonnie, Jessi, the pups and I had a simply marvelous day on the coast.  We beached.  We laked.  We downtown Bar Harbored.  Before we left, Lonnie and I even made going for a run a priority.  Yay us!

Jessi and I doing some sick cheerleader moves at Long Pond

As I knew I had plenty of activity points for the day, and I hadn’t eaten much, I decided that this day deserved to be topped off with a little ice cream!   …..then I saw the adorable little cupcake shop with case full of beautiful, delicious looking cupcakes of happiness.  (as an aside…. I have been obsessed with cupcakes lately anyway because I have been watching ‘Cupcake Wars’ on netflix… which honestly, may be the most stupid, most contrived, and most annoying show that I hate, yet keep watching)  Their beauty even inspired Jessi to splurge and have a little wheat (which she knows she will pay for later with belly pain and break-outs).  I couldn’t decide between chocolate with peanut butter frosting and vanilla with oreo frosting, so I bought one of each with the plan to eat half of each.  They wrapped them up in a cute little pink box and we took them home to indulge in later that evening while watching Orange is the New Black.

So much care.  So much anticipation.  So much planning.  Not-on-a-diet me would have gobbled them down while walking down the street or in the car, or the second I got home.  On-a-diet me is trying to learn to eat right most of the time and really savor occasional splurges.

Well screw you, Cupcake place.  All that care, anticipation, and planning.  and they were terrible.  The frosting just tasted like sugar and crisco… little to no flavor at all.  The cake was so crumby and delicate that it basically just disintegrated into a pile of crumbs the second I cut it in half… and also had no flavor.  I didn’t even finish either half because why put something into my body that I am not loving!??  (Which is a foreign concept to not-on-a-diet Colleen.  😉  )

So instead I had a delicious bowl of sweet, buttery, crunchy Capn’ Crunch with ice cold milk.  For less than half the money and about 1/4 the points.

The Capn’ never disappoints.

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