It’s going!!!

Taken for Lonnie on my lunch break. 😉

Weight Watchers is going VERY WELL!!  Yes, it has only been 3 days, but they were three GREAT DAYS that even included several of the challenges that usually result in me eating McDonalds!  Yesterday I had jury duty, and on my lunch break, I drove RIGHT PAST Mikky Ds and over to Hannaford and made myself a delicious salad bar salad, which I enjoyed in my car listening to Dr Laura, and pouring rain pelting my roof.

Lonnie is supportive of everything I do, but he was not interested in joining WW with me, and I don’t blame him.  There is something “girly” about it.  Then while muching my salad and listening to Dr Laura rip someone a new asshole, I got this message…

So now we are in this together, and it just adds to the fun because I get to play ‘tour guide’ and as a bonafide know-it-all, I love that shit.  LOL

Off for a run…. walk….run…. walk…. run…..

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