Winter is stupid.

While the view from my window today is still bleak, Spring is definitely knocking on the door!

Holy crap, I haven’t been a very regular blogger!  Hate that!

I am going to take the chicken-shit way out here and blame my blog-slacking on my “WINTER BLUES.”  I wouldn’t say I have seasonal-affective disorder, but I would say I am about as close to saying that as I can be.

Wintertime is tough.  I spend a LOT of time (which also seems to always translate to a lot of money) trying to find ways to cheer myself up and feel like there is reason to jump out of my warm, cozy bed into my frigid apartment every morning.  This years ‘cheeruppers’ included a personal trainer, a fishtank, talk of another puppy (not happening), lots of indoor building projects, and not one, but TWO trips to Mexico.  ….and quite a few extra work

shifts picked up to afford them all 😉

I am very grateful for a partner who is so supportive and more-than-willing to join me in any and all of my little “ideas.”   Although… it is a household joke that his least favorite sentence in the world is, “Honey…. I saw this thing on Pinterest today……….”

Another of my cheeruppers is daydreaming/researching/talking about where Lonnie and I will live once Sean is up and out on his own.  Right now our short list includes Austin, Nashville, Coastal South Carolina, and California (ok MY short list includes CA, Lonnie isn’t on that page with me, YET).  We have also tossed around Colorado quite a bit, but I hate the idea of being so far from any coasts!  (Nashville doesn’t have any either… but I have family there and I know I enjoy that city very much!)

I have noticed that as time passes, and the prospect of moving becomes more and more real…. the pipe dream type places like Thailand have fallen off my radar.  There are grandbabies in my future, (in my VERY DISTANT future…lol) and I would prefer not to be halfway around the world from them!

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