Before and….. well….. more before

As I mentioned before, when I saw the photos of myself on Jessi’s graduation day, I was horrified at the weight I had allowed myself to balloon up to.  Even though I knew the numbers on the scale were getting larger, I somehow managed to bury had my head in the sand and ignore it all.

But on that day, I vowed to myself that I would NOT look at photos of the day I dropped Jessi off at college and feel the same way.  I vowed I would NEVER look at photos and feel that way again. 

I have lost 20 pounds since that day.  I am a huge fan of instant gratification, so I wish I could say it was more, but I’ll take it because damnit,…. I HAVE EARNED IT.

Lonnie and I are still going strong on our new way of eating.  I can’t really call it low-carb, or paleo, because it’s really a combo of the two.  Our focus is no breads, pastas, stuff like that.  And no processed foods.  Except diet caffeine-free soda.  Just can’t give it up.  Maybe someday.  And we have one cheat day, which being honest usually ends up being a whole cheat weekend…. gotta work on that.

I have kicked it up a notch the past couple weeks.  With my new job, and one less kid to cart around,  I have the luxury of having BUCKETS of free time.  I am free almost all day every day except Mondays.  To waste that luxury of time would be very douchebaggish of me, so I am making sure I am USING my time and not WASTING my time!!  This week I got in LOTS of walking, hiking, and have done T25 every morning.  I am REALLY wanting to run again, but I set a weight loss goal that I want to meet before I re-start running because my ankle just wasn’t pleased when I tried it several weeks ago.

Gotta say I am most surprised and SUPER PROUD of Sean!!  He has caught the fitness bug too and has happily embraced our new way of eating, and is working out every day…. ON HIS OWN!  Like, WITHOUT ME TELLING HIM TO!  He came down this super pumped this morning showing off a pair of shorts that he hadn’t been able to fit into comfortably…. GO SEAN!!

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