Doctors know stuff… who knew!?

I bought this shirt the weekend that I turned my ankle in the Old Port.  I actually bought it AFTER I turned my ankle,  limping through Old Navy’s active wear section looking for deals.  Even though my ankle was twice it’s normal size and I could barely walk…. I still wholeheartedly believed that I would be starting to run again by the next weekend…. or even by then end of THAT weekend, as I had brought my stuff with me for a picturesque run on the beach.  Yes,  I am a moron who lives in fairy-make-believe-land.

Five-ish months later…………….

I am at the doctor for my yearly physical.  As she is going through the screening I casually mention the ankle thing and how it still kinda hurts and feels weird and is swollen.  She takes a look at it… and then the lecture comes.  Nutshell: 

“Worst possible sprain you could have….  May even have broken it… too late to do anything about that now…. you need to get into physical therapy ASAP…. and also you have been wearing the WRONG shoes for running all this time as you have SEVERE suppination and the stability running shoes are to help people who don’t suppinate enough, so they just make your bad issue, WORSE….. yadda yadda yadda   Also, you should be wearing shoes with orthoditc heel cups all the time and NOT those flip flops I see over there on your pile of clothes.”

So yeah.  I suck and make bad things worse.  My bad.  BUT, I DID listen to her!  I bought new sneakers!  I start physical therapy on Thursday!  :::coughcough and I am still wearing flip flops everyday and haven’t bought the heel cup thingies coughcough::::   I started back up with Couch 25k today and the new sneakers made a HUGE difference!  I considered waiting until after talking to the physical therapy peeps before starting running again, but have you MET me!!??  …lololololol!!

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