Some of our favorite recipes right now!

We are going strong on our new way of eating.  There are still some moments days when it feels like we are “on a diet.”  But those moments are getting fewer and more far between.  When either one of us has a case of the ‘snackies’ …we are supportive and think of alternative snacks or activites, OR we daydream out loud about Saturday night’s cheat meal 🙂  Tomorrow marks 5 weeks that we have been eating this way and we both are feeling fantastic and losing weight!  (Of course, being a man… Lonnie is basically melting away like a snowman in July, and I am… well…. not losing quite as quickly.  lol)

We are leaning heavily towards a Paleo lifestyle…  while also watching carbs.  Low carb and Paleo kind of go hand-in-hand since Paleo = eating only fruits, veggies, meats, nuts and seeds.  But dairy is a Paleo no-no… and I am not sure I ever want to give up dairy… and by dairy I mean cheese.    I am eating barely any carbs that don’t come from fruits and veggies.  Lonnie is hanging on to his Lavash bread and protein bars like they are the holy grail.

We use LOTS of recipes from  I love her site and she is just too freakin’ cute for words!  I am trying and LOVING SO many new foods!!

Here are a few of our favs….

Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Eggs

Cracklin’ Chicken

Quick pressure cooker bone broth

Spaghetti Squash with meat sauce (Not from nomnom, I use this recipe— except I use half sausage and half ground beef)
I am loving this new adventure!  SO many new things I want to try!!  

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