Stale mate? Never!

I think I may be addicted to change.  The second I start to feel like things could possibly be getting stale…. dull…. boring…. I must shake things up a bit!  What’s been on the change docket lately?

1. Almost 4 weeks ago Lonnie and I stopped eating processed food and started limiting carbohydrates, except on Saturday nights!  The pictures of me on Jessi’s graduation day were a harsh, harsh slap in the face that I was out of control.  So now I am back in the driver’s seat, and this car is in high gear!  Some amazing things have happened since I made this change!!  My restless legs syndrome is all but gone.  I had started taking gabapentin as it was interfering with my sleep and life in general, but a couple weeks ago, I forgot it one night, then forgot it again the next night and a week later, realized…. I AM NOT WIGGLY!  I have NO idea what it is that stopped the wiggles.  Was it sugar?  Wheat? Wine?  Who fucking knows???  Oh yeah… I’ve lost 10 pounds too, but I am trying to not focus on only weight loss, and more about the fact that I am not putting chemicals and shit in my body every day!

2.  We got rid of Directv and replaced it with………………………..  NOTHING!  We still have Netflix and Amazon Prime, but I was finding that I was really the only one in the house watching television, and television wasn’t doing me any favors (see graduation photos).  When I thought about what we were spending on it, I decided there are LOTS of other things I would rather spend that $120ish bucks on every month! 

3.  One thing I will be spending a little of my extra money on, SIRIUS RADIO!!  I NEVER thought it

would be something I would pay for, but I got a free trial with my new Escape, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  Especially since with my new job I am on the road a lot. Tonight while I waited 4 hours for hospitals to call me back, I enjoyed listening to Dr. Laura make fools of all her callers.  YES!!!  On my drive to Millinocket last week I reveled in the fact that I am a horrible person and am definitely going to hell for laughing at Howard Stern’s antics.  OH YEAH!!!

So… we’ll simmer on these changes for the summer… then we will have to get used to a BIG new change when we suddenly become a 3 person household….  and that’s a WHOLE ‘nother blog!

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