Adventures of the middle-aged

“OK… 30 more minutes til it’s time to go….”  “OK…. 15 more minutes….”  “OK….. let’s go!” “HELLO!?? …. I am not kidding… Get out of the water.”  “I am not playing, If you aren’t out of that water by the time I count to 3…..”

Those days are done.

It appears I am entering yet another new phase in life.  A phase where I am spending less time… ok NO time… making sammiches and kissing boo-boos, and more time figuring out what to do with all this time!  Jessi has graduated high school, and spends all her time working or with her friends… and VERY soon will not even be living here :-O  Sean goes to visit his Dad 3 weekends a month, and even when he IS home, he is pretty much sequestered in his room, aka ‘Electronic Wonderland,’ unless we can entice him with something more exciting and fun.

So that leaves Lonnie and I with most of our weekends free to do… whatever!  This past weekend my buddy Karyn was looking for some beach buddies and we were SO in!  This was the first time since my teens that I went to the beach without going just to ‘take the kids to the beach.’  It was weird.  It was good weird and bad weird.  I still occasionally found myself starting to scan the water for my children… and even found myself ‘supervising’ other people’s children.  (only in my mind, of course! Well ok… only out loud to Karyn… lol).  It was super cool to be there as long as I wanted.  Karyn was shocked at how long I was just content to float out there on our little floaties.  It was actually RELAXING.  Taking kids to the beach is just not relaxing.  Honestly, for me, it’s just this side of pain-in-the-ass.

Now Karyn…   she’s not there yet.  She spent the day longing for the times when her kids were splashing her in the face and coming up behind her and dunking her as she yells, “YOU STOP THAT NOW!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING!!  NO MORE!!!  WE WILL LEAVE HERE RIGHT NOW!!”  LOL

But we’ll get her there!  Cuz… this new middle-aged stuff…. I’m thinking it just may be the shiz.

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