Alternate title: I need a freakin’ hobby!

My new job is a very unique creature.  I suddenly have the luxury of BUCKETS of free time.  Alone time.  Me time.

Time which I, for the most part, have no clue what to do with.

I work 12 hour shifts.  I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Friday overnight.  But these “12 hour shifts” are actually just me being ‘on-call’ for people having mental health crisis episodes.  If there are no crisis-ey things happening, I am just out living my life, doing whatever I want. How it works:

I get a call from a person at the Crisis Hotline saying that they have been talking with someone who needs someone to meet with them.  I call the person, and then I either go meet with them someplace, or just the phone call with me was enough to get them through.  We also do the mental health evaluations for St. Joseph’s Hospital.  So if someone comes to the ER feeling suicidal, or having attempted suicide, they call us to come meet with the person. Some days, there are no calls at all.  Some days are there are one or two.  Some days I am running all over Penobscot County like a chicken with my head cut off. Those are the days I love!

It’s the quiet days when I struggle.  I have always worked in places where I was constantly chatting and interacting with people.  Now I spend most of my time alone.  And don’t get me wrong, I realize that there are worse problems to have, and I LOVE having all this time to do whatever I want to do and however I want to do it!  But I’m not gonna lie… I do feel a bit lonely sometimes.  And I hate it when I feel like I have just wasted an entire day watching TV and frigging around on Pinterest.  I want to find fun, productive things to do… that don’t cost much money!  Gotta say little miss Luna has been a huge help as she is already an awesome walk/run buddy.

So that’s my summer goal.  A new hobby!

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