P.S. I lasted 5 days on that Dr. Oz Detox Diet

5 days.  Which honestly, I can say I am proud of because I accomplished some cool goals!

  • I no longer am a slave to caffeine.  None.  Nada.  
  • I really did ‘reset’ my brain somehow and am back to focusing on eating only when I am hungry and not mindlessly snacking.
  • My sugar cravings dramatically decreased.
  • I stopped using artificial sweeteners.  I never used to drink water without a shot of one of those little kool-aid guys  
  • My clothes feel more comfortable, so I know I lost a little weight!

    So why did I quit?
    BECAUSE IT SUCKED!!!  I was sooooo hungry all the time.  And while I believe feeling that physical hunger is what helped reboot my brain back into recognizing that feeling and not eating if I am not feeling that….. it suuuuucked.  My stomach was growling all the time.  I was also EXHAUSTED.  I had to take a nap EVERY DAY that I was on that diet.  I felt like a total knob yawning in the face of my new co-workers.  It also sucked for my family, who were all awesome at trying to be supportive by also trying to stick to eating things that wouldn’t torture me, and that just made me feel like I was holding everyone hostage.  A plus though…. When Lonnie and I met, he was a 2 pot a day coffee addict.  He is cut back a lot over the years, and was down to one pot that he brought to work and sipped throughout the day.  No more though! He is down to one cup of coffee in the morning as he gets us all ready for the day, and then he is drinking only tea.  Yay him!
    So in a nutshell… Glad I did it.  But 2 weeks…. YEAH RIGHT!!

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