AND Breathe…..

Crazy times around here lately with busy kids, changing jobs–and losing who I mistakenly thought was a very close friend, in the process, getting engaged, adding some new pets to the family (more on that later!), having a severely sprained ankle for a month now and am still walking with a limp, and there is just something about changing Seasons that makes me feel “busy.”

But I finally feel like I can stop and breathe.  I finally feel like I really “have” my new job and it wasn’t all just a trick.  A rug that was going to be swept out from underneath me leaving me jobless and thoroughly fucked.  And not in a good way.  I am neurotic.  I know this.  I also finally understand where my neurosis comes from and am hoping this means I can start becoming a teensy bit more confident in who I am.  I would never want to be “fixed” ….I mean how boring would THAT be?  😉

I feel like I started holding my breath YEARS ago at my job.  I loved the work I was doing, and I loved my co-workers.  And honestly, I didn’t even realize it until recently and then it REALLY hit me one day when Chef Michael Symon posted some quote on FB about the difference between a boss and a leader. I tried to find it to quote it, with no luck.  But I did find this….

…and the shoe fits.  I am so happy and feel so much more realized now to work with (note I said WITH… not FOR) a true leader who is so respected by his whole team.  It’s really awesome and I feel so fortunate that they chose me to join them.  (And it was “they!”  My 2nd interview was with the whole team… like 13 people in the room… no pressure there!  LOL)

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