Dr. Oz and Grassy Grassman… I will be cursing you for the next 14 days

 Dr Oz 2 week Detox Plan

So…. I somehow let my buddy Karyn talk me into doing this  —->Dr Oz 2 week Detox  We wanted to stay connected even though I have left my job at EAAA for a new job at CHCS.  And also we are both in need of a good healthy kick in the ass and Karyn decided this was just the way to do it.  I then recruited Jessi into this whole mess because I am evil like that.  OK… not really.  I actually only mentioned it to her and she was ALL OVER IT because she has had a really hard time staying off the gluten… which is very, very bad for her and causes her constant stomach pain, severe acne, and an overall feeling of yuckiness.  So she is going to use this plan as a way to flush her system of gluten and get a fresh start on things.

So far so good.  (Granted, its 10:54am and today is day one LOL)  I even horked down the morning smoothie with a half a BANANA (GAG GAG GAG) in it, and I have to admit…. It wasn’t actually that bad!

I am going to blog like a motherfucker while on this plan…. writing keeps me motivated and I am going to need all the help I can get!

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