So this is 40….

I had my 40th birthday!!  Yeah buddy!!  There have been past birthday ‘milestones’ that I was just miserable about, but for some reason, this birthday, this birthday we are “supposed” to be miserable about, I am perfectly content with.  Embracing it actually!!  Happy to have learned lots of shit up til now that I can put into use for however much longer I have on this planet 🙂  (Hopefully at least another 40 years!)

And that ‘shit I’ve learned……’ Grace, ‘letting shit go’, forgiveness, ‘not having control over anyone but myself’ ….well I am practicing it in SPADES lately and it feels awesome to finally feel in control of myself and not like a hot mess 😉
And there is MORE big news!!  Lonnie asked me to marry him last weekend when he took be away to celebrate my birthday and I SAID YES!!  (Shocker… right?  lol)  I new it was coming at some point, since I did help choose my ring,  but yet somehow I was still surprised  we went for a walk (well… A limp… I sprained my ankle in Portland earlier in the day… BADLY!) on the beach and when we got to a section of the beach where there are a bunch of rocks, we stopped and I almost fell… Again… Lol. He caught me this time and as he bent over to catch me, he got down on one knee and had a ring box in his hand and asked me to marry him.  
I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone other than that guy <—.  I never get sick of spending time with him, and look forward all day to bedtime and snuggles.  Is he perfect?  HELL NO….LOL!  Do I want to murder him sometimes?  HELL YES…LOL! But there is not a doubt in my mind that he is my 'one' and I have never in my life been so sure of anything.
My ring is beautiful and exactly what I wanted!! It’s white gold with an aquamarine stone… this girl no likey the blood diamonds 😉  

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